Perks of Being a Tyneesha: Winter is Ending

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Perks of Being a Tyneesha

Hello friends! You already know the drill – this is just our little monthly update. There’s really not much to catch you up on, so it’ll be a short one, but here are the highlights!

My little sister could spontaneously explode at any moment

Okay, so sorry about the clickbait in that subtitle – my sister isn’t going to spontaneously combust; she’s just very pregnant. Everyone’s excited to welcome this new little human into the family, myself included. Hence this is the first point of update. I’m in the middle of the busiest uni week but ready to make the journey home whenever my nephew decides to join us.

Diseases are so expensive

I got a whooping cough needle last week. It turns out that I didn’t need one for another few years, but I figured, what’s the harm, right? Wrong. It hurt my arm, my ego and my bank account. Why is it literally $50 to get a silly needle?

Every few months, I wind up telling you guys that I have covid again – I’m not about to tell you that it’s time for round 3, but I am rather sick at the moment. I’ve been tested a bunch of times, I don’t have covid, but honestly, I kind of wish I did. It’s definitely the worst cold I’ve had in years – then again, I suppose no one’s really had anything but covid for a while now. I’m sure my immune system is just at an all-time low, so what should be a sniffle and a vitamin C tablet is way more dramatic than that. But, because it’s not covid, I’m feeling the pressure to keep working through this rather busy week. I’m writing this on Tuesday night, so we’ll see how long I keep this fight up – but all I can say is I’d sell every organ I have on the black market for just a month of wellness.

I’m still shooting film, slowly but surely

I have no idea why I didn’t include my latest film dump in my last update – I think I got the digitals back the day after I posted that one. Regardless, here it is! This godforsaken roll took me from Easter until last month to get through – I’m blaming winter for my general lack of lively zest, but there are some really funky shots in there, so all is well.

Shred your licenses and hide your mechanics; I’m back on the road!

In my last update, I wrote about my precious Peugeot breaking down inexplicably and leaving me to brave the affordances of public transport. I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to move on rather quickly from my dear late Champ. I managed to snap up a Suzuki Swift Sport a few weeks ago. I am obsessed with her. She’s zippy, easy to park, cheap to feed, comfortable and cute. Most importantly, she works.

Here comes the sun! (it’s been a long cold not-at-all-lonely winter)

We’re getting to the end of August, which is truly fantastic because, as I’ve been whining about for so long – I hate winter. My loved ones know that I consider September 1st a legal holiday with the come of spring. I used to think that I hated winter because I need to be busy and entertained at all times to be emotionally stable. Honestly, this year disproved that theory. I’ve probably been more active and sociable than ever in the last few months, and I still hate winter. That said, I’ll likely have a little hermit era coming up to October – more on that in a moment.

I’m going to leave the country again (at long last)

As aforementioned, I’ll be going to Fiji in a little while. In a few weeks from now, I’ll get to simply get on a plane, go somewhere pretty, take lots of photos, and be so annoying about it! I went to Fiji just before Covid started up in January of 2020. I can absolutely say that the photos I took there are still some of my best work, so the prospect of returning is really exciting for me after all the learning and growing I’ve done in the last few years. So, obviously, I’m not running the risk of getting covid before then – I’ll honestly just be avoiding crowd scenarios for a while and wearing a mask when necessary. That sounds easy, but the temptation to see a shitty cheap pub gig is always a difficult argument to have with myself. Stay tuned for that, though!