Perks of Being a Tyneesha: A Long Overdue Update!

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Perks of Being a Tyneesha

Something you should know about me by now is I’m just constantly going through a rollercoaster of change. I haven’t taken the time to write an update since December, and sitting here now, I realise there’s quite a bit to get through. As always, don’t feel pressured to read, comprehend and annotate every word here, but if you’re particularly interested, heres the run down!

January & happily lost time

January was a bit of a free trial for the year ahead. That time after Christmas when you don’t know what day it is or what you’re supposed to be doing, but you’re having a great time. My brother came to Wollongong to hang out, so I spent a good chunk of January giving him the grand tour of my favourite bars and pubs.

I prompted my brother to get tickets for North Gong’s NYE mini-fest a few months prior, and he ever so gracefully obliged. Which, if we’re talking highlights and lowlights, was the best way to start off the year, standing front row for Allday’s set and coming home hours later, around 3am with a long dead phone battery.

At some stage the next week, we went for a day trip to Sydney. I wanted to see the light show they put on for Elevate Sydney. We didn’t realise that it was an entire event until we heard Betty Who and The Veronicas singing off in the distance. It certainly wasn’t a terrible start to the year, eavesdropping on a festival I didn’t know was happening. Hearing untouched for free, a safe distance from the undoubtably hectic mosh. Plus, I took some fun pictures while we were there.

The grind never ends

I had a very tame and responsible February compared to its former. It was great to have the free time to mess about and enjoy my uni holidays, but I got back to business rather quickly. I spent February working more than I have in a long time, trying to start the year off with more financial stability than last year. I spent most of my spare time hustling the marketing & socials for my photography business, and honestly, I’m rather proud of some of the fun ideas I came up with for the socials (this is your sign to follow Neesh Photography on Instagram). Don’t you dare ask me if I’m procrastinating uni work by writing this blog post no one asked for!

New year, new m-house…and job!

Last month, a few things really panned out more smoothly and quickly than I was expecting. The housing gods approved my housemates and me for a house within a week.

Moving has been quite the tiring ordeal, hence my lack of content production as of late. But I adore our new place and I’m enjoying slowly setting up a new comfort space.

Last week, I also received prompt news that I’d been accepted for a social media internship at Women Illawarra! I was really hoping to land this position, because this is an organisation I’d be over the moon to work with regardless of the pay. Naturally, I am absolutely ecstatic to be given this opportunity and have mentioned it to literally everyone I’ve spoken to in the last few days.

Phoebe Bridgers!

I already wrote an entire essay of a blog post about this, but I saw one of my favourite artists, the one and only Phoebe Bridgers, in concert last month. If you want to hear me gush more about that, I suggest you read the blog post. I was sending through applications for rentals while sitting on the train on the way to the Sydney show, so arguably I have Miss Bridgers herself to thank for my good fortune.

In my Instagram micro-celebrity era

This is a silly story, but about two weeks ago, I was at work all day, and hadn’t checked my phone for many hours. When I finally did, I was confused and shocked to see messages from just about everyone I’ve ever met – asking whether someone had hacked my Instagram.

Luckily, it had not been. Some random weirdo had simply copied my account and sent out messages to say that someone had hacked my original account, and ask followers to follow the new account. Fortunately, most of my friends are pretty clued in and very used to my Instagram habits. So, they knew it was a scam as soon as they saw the account post without so much as a caption. It made me laugh, though. I’m flattered that someone clearly thought my account was worth copying.

Harry Styles!

Tomorrow, I’m going to see Harry Styles’ show in Sydney. As mentioned in the Phoebe Bridgers post, I rarely attend concerts bigger than a pub venue, so it’s looking to be an interesting experience. I’m supposed to have a class on Friday afternoon, but I figure how much can I miss in the first week, right? I’ll get back to you guys.