Perks of Being a Tyneesha: The highs are high, the lows are 11°c

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Perks of Being a Tyneesha
Perks of Being a Tyneesha: The highs are high, the lows are 11°c

Hello! It’s that time of the month again!

I’m about to run you through about a month of life in the most condensed way possible. There’s been quite a bit going on as we shiver into winter and finish the uni semester. I’ve made an effort to record an accompanying podcast episode for this post. It’s almost entirely made up of general context and fun bonus stories surrounding the points I’m about to cover. This entry will be brief, but check that out if you’re left unsatisfied.

As every YouTuber from 2016 would say, ‘let’s get into it’.

Recovering from Covid #2… sort of

In my last update, I wrote about having celebrated my 21st birthday. To recap, I did too much that week, was in far too many crowded venues, and I managed to contract coronavirus for the second time this year. I’m still coughing and experiencing fatigue, but I’m mainly feeling recovered. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t completely wipe me out.

The best gig I’ve seen (probably)

Shortly after I was released back into the world post-infection, juggling last-minute end-of-semester assignments, I had the absolute and utter privilege and pleasure of going to MAY-A’s show at Oxford Art Factory. I cannot shut up about how fun it was and how fantastic of a performer she is. I just felt so blessed to be able to go along with a dear friend and unexpectedly have the best time I’ve ever had at any show. Huge love.

A word about winter

I think anyone in my life knows how deeply I despise the cold. I can never understand the appeal of winter as a season. The people who love it will defend it to their death. I would quite literally go into complete hibernation like a bear through the winter months If I could. I’m always sick, cold and bored. I am someone who likes to be busy. I like to move around, and being outside in the sunshine is something I need for my mental and physical well-being. If, for any reason, we have to deal with climate change because I can’t deal with the winters getting any colder. Rant over.

Finishing the semester: Bowling & Bloggies (the good news)

I’ve decided to split these next updates into two categories: good and bad news because they happened at the same time. To talk about it in chronological order would be a form of emotional whiplash. I decided to give you the good news first.

I made it through arguably the most stressful week of my life and handed in all my assignments. I finished up my uni work for the semester while my energy tank was running on 0, and I was ready for some fun. Celebrations were in order, more than ever. I’m in the last year of my journalism degree, which means that this past semester,

I took a subject called ‘newsroom’. It’s basically just a semester-long simulation of an actual newsroom. It’s designed to be intense and stressful, and it was honestly a great experience but also very stressful. So, our professor organised end-of-semester lawn bowls and awards. It was fun as someone who doesn’t go lawn bowling or hang around with my classmates outside of class. I didn’t win, but I did get a good laugh out of it.

Later that week, I got to attend and photograph The Bloggies. The Bloggies is an award show for communication students organised by the Digital Media Society, for which I am the communications coordinator. It was great and exciting to pull together an in-person event and celebrate my coursemates. I had a heap of fun and got to meet some very cool people in person and get some experience with event photography.

Finishing the semester: Broke & Broken (the bad news)

Unfortunately, during this time of great success came significant challenges. It’s said that God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers, and boy, have I been feeling like one of those soldiers. In my last week of classes, I was mainly ridden by the ongoing effects of covid. Still, I had to get things done, so I ran around crazy trying to get through my uni commitments. Somewhere in the mess of it all, a terrible tragedy occurred. My laptop decided to stop working.

Then, a little while later, my car decided to break down in the celebratory week following the semester’s end. Both of these things have been irritating and unfortunate, to say the least, not only for their inconvenience but for their financial cost. Anyway, if you know anyone wanting to give their money away to a broke uni student, give them my contact information. Thanks.

Ball Park Music & Vivid

Last week I got to see one of my absolute favourite bands, Ball Park Music. I was just hysterically happy, packed into the second row of the venue with my buddies, in total awe. My dear friend had travelled to Wollongong for it as a late birthday present, so we’d spent the whole day running around the CBD. I was exhausted by the time I had to start getting ready, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, and honestly, I haven’t stopped thinking about how happy it made me.

The night afterwards, I sacrificed some much-needed recovery to run around Sydney, taking pictures of pretty lights and having an enjoyable time. I’d initially turned down plans to go along to Vivid, but I’m glad I changed my mind because I’m very excited about some of the photos I got. You can’t see them yet cause I’m trying to get through editing photos from The Bloggies, but I’ll get to them at some point.

Going home again

On Sunday, I’m heading back home to Dubbo. I wanted to spend some of my uni holidays at home and attend my sister’s baby shower. Mum said she’s making a bunch of food for it, so I’m naturally keen. I’m just excited to take a break from choosing what to have for dinner and be around family for a while. It’s been a big semester and a big year so far, so I think some time at home is exactly what I need.