Perks of Being a Tyneesha – Spring in Lockdown

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Perks of Being a Tyneesha

Hellooooo! I’m back again with a life update.

It’s been a moment. More specifically, it’s been three months. Since my last update, I have been in lockdownso please bear in mind that there’s not a heap to report back on. I will do my utmost best to make the mundane seem wild and exciting, so hang around for a moment, okay?

First order of Business: it’s Spring!

I am definitely NOT a winter person. This means that every year, the first day of September marks a scheduled refresh. You have to spend time outside, you have to have a good day. Relax, recharge and embrace the air of replenishment and rebirth. You know, the whole nine yards.

I’m proud to announce my adoption of two new house plants within the last two weeks. I have a lavender plant and English ivy.

Twitter: Tweets about my plants

The UOW Digital Media Society

Last month, I was elected to become the first-ever communications coordinator in the UOW Digital Media Society. As per our Instagram bio, we are the only UOW society for communication & media students, run by communication & media students. It’s an excellent opportunity to be involved in the community around my degree and develop some media skills. The previous president of the society even created my role to specifically make use of my skillset. So far, it’s been fun; I’m excited to fill this role for the next year or so and see where it takes me. Apart from that, my uni work is fairly ordinary this semester. I’m not a massive fan of my subjects for this semester, nor the fact that I have to learn them online. Thankfully, there are only a few more weeks left to get through.

I’m half vaccinated!

I got my first jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine a few weeks ago. I hate needles, so naturally, I wasn’t overly keen about it. Thankfully, it was the smallest, most minuscule and least painful needle I’ve ever seen. I rode out the wave of side effects the following day, and I’m booked for my second jab in early November. Wollongong has had reasonably low case numbers for the duration of this lockdown. But because Sydney is right next door, we’ve been locked down too. Surprisingly, my hometown, Dubbo, put itself on the Covid map, leading the central west into lockdown. The case numbers raised and receded relatively quickly, but it’s looking likely that I’ll be able to spend Christmas with my family.

I’ve been walking… lots

I live next to a mountain, so I can take several routes of exploration on a whim. I’ve been on a few impulsive hiking trips. The Botanic Gardens are nearby, as well. I did, however, venture out of my immediate bubble of existence to walk the Mount Keira ring track. My days at work always amount to the longest walks. My phone tells me that I do around 7kms in a five-hour shift. I just do circles around the store. As a result of my somewhat repetitive existence, my Instagram has seen a heap of flower photos. That’s okay, though. I’ll be back to taking pictures of people soon enough.

A lockdown project, or two

Soon after the lockdown was announced, I found a set of wooden drawers on the side of the road. I promptly carted it into my room and went on to cover it in paint.

Twitter: Lockdown Art

I’ve also picked up a few little nicknacks during my walks. Namely, I’m using a woven potato sack as a cute pillowcase, several remarkable rocks, and a wildly amusing book full of terrible newspaper headlines. Apart from work and uni, I’ve been keeping myself busy with Netlfix, exercise, and the usual cycle of photography & writing. I also downloaded The Sims, but unfortunately, I often forget about it. I’ve been trying to do some creative writing, so you might get to read some of that soon.

A new pet

There’s a magpie who routinely lands on my balcony, looks at my plants, asks for food and stomps around my kitchen. I’ve forgotten his name, but we’re developing quite a friendship.

An idea that I stole from Connor Franta

I’ve been listening to Connor Franta’s new podcast, ‘Everything Else’. At the end of his updates, he includes this kind of rapid-fire recommendations section. Here’s mine.

Iced chai is fantastic. The ideal drink. If you’re a Wollongong local, the best one I’ve had was from Levendi.
You should watch Parks and Recreation. It’s on Netflix, it’s easy watching, and it’s hilarious.
Listen to this song. It’s pretty good.
Spotify: Silver Lining by Mt.Joy

That’s all from me this time. I hope you’re well, and if you’re not, it can only get better.