Perks of Being a Tyneesha: Go hard, go home, stay there for 7 days.

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Perks of Being a Tyneesha

Hello everyone!

I’d like to preface this update with a firm pat on the back. I did not leave this update until the last minute like I usually do. It will not end up being a vast meaningless essay-length diary entry. I’m manifesting it.

So, what’s been going on lately – I hear you ask as if I wasn’t going to tell you regardless.

To sum it up – easter holidays, my birthday, and a surprise bout of covid. That’s really the start and end of it, but feel free to keep reading if you desperately need more details than that.

Going home for Easter

In my last perks post, I mentioned that I was feeling particularly homesick and was excited to go back home to Dubbo for Easter with my family. I thankfully can report that I did make it home for Easter, despite the flood waters and general existence of trucks. I did, however, manage to bring the entire flood home with me. That sounds dramatic – what I mean by that is the floor of my car had somehow absorbed quite a lot of water throughout the floods. Luckily, Dubbo is relatively warm, and I was able to dry the interior out a bit while I was home.

I also somehow managed to take a different, more annoying route home by accident. I got there eventually, and I guess a little adventure never hurt anyone. Here’s a reel I made about it.

Easter was a few weeks before my actual birthday, but if we know each other, you’re probably aware of how fond I am of celebrating my birthday for a ridiculous amount of time. I didn’t want to travel to Dubbo on my actual birthday week or ask friends from home to travel to Wollongong for me. So I gathered the few friends who were home for Easter. I relived a moment of my youth by visiting the same two or three venues one typically does in good old Dubvegas.

Easter was calm and easy – we received an egregious amount of chocolate in the morning. As usual, we went to our grandparent’s place for lunch, and I graciously offered to take some clippings from nan’s garden. We ate a variety of meats and potato bake. Disaster struck when mum fell ill with covid.

I spent Easter Monday getting a covid test, digging through extremely convoluted government sources, and preparing to make my great escape the following day. I tested negative, and since I’d had covid back in March (within my 12 week grace period), I didn’t have to co-isolate with the whole family. More on covid later.

In the time before my birthday…

A few things happened between Easter and my birthday, but nothing particularly notable or life changing. But some mild changes and events occurred. I won $100 at drag queen bingo. I saw a drag show that was just awesome. My lovely Auntie Lynne graciously cut my hair, at long last. Got some more plants (shocking, I know). I also got my second roll of film developed.

Turning 21!

Long series of events short – my actual birthday was on a Tuesday this year. It was a calm day, which is honestly what I want out of any birthday. I had breakfast at a cafe and promptly thieved a cup from the venue. I went home, got some work done, and watched the movie Clueless (it’s a birthday tradition). My friend took me out for dinner to an Italian place. I tried some new foods; I don’t hate gnocchi, as it turns out. I found the perfect pizza. We made friends with our waitress and went for a drink or two afterwards.

The following night, I saw Stella Donnelly in concert – it wasn’t a birthday celebration. Stella had initially planned that show for the Wednesday following Easter – but she got covid and had to push it back. She was unbelievably delightful and fun.

On Thursday night, I had friends come over to celebrate my birthday. We went out for a little while afterwards, making sure to get to my favourite bar only half an hour before closing. We then went to some random bar that I’d only discovered the night prior, and saw a rather shocking display of affection between four elderly citizens. On Friday, my family travelled from Dubbo to go out to dinner with me and our extended family, who already live up here. I received lots of presents, well wishes and hugs throughout that week. I’m so grateful to everyone who helped me celebrate.

The worst birthday present: Covid

I have a solid least favourite of all the presents I received on my birthday. Covid. Yes, I JUST had covid the other week. Yes, I managed to get it again, and it was unexpectedly so much worse than the first time. But, as Dad said, if you didn’t get morbidly ill following your birthday week, did you even have a birthday week?