Oddly Specific Playlists: The BCM112 Revival!

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Oddly Specific Playlists

A few weeks ago, I ran a Twitter poll to help me determine my DA path for this semester.

Twitter: Vote about DA

Results are in, and so, Oddly Specific Playlists is reborn for yet another semester!

One problem: Last semester’s social utility was based on living in lockdown, and times have (thankfully) changed. This means that the social utility of Oddly Specific Playlists has to adjust to the times and serve the users according to their current needs.

Solution: Reconsider! Reiterate! Adjust! As Bear Grylls would say – Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

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Find out more by watching the video below!

YouTube: Oddly Specific Playlists: A BCM112 Revival Pitch