BCM114: Pitch

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Oddly Specific Playlists

I’ve used music as an outlet for as long as I can remember, that be playing it or listening to it. It’s comforting and great for emotional expression.

The biggest impact the pandemic has had on me, and I’m sure many others is that I’m no longer able to attend gigs or festivals, which had previously given me something to look forward to and be excited about.

Of course, the music industry has tried to adapt to the present times, but in my eyes, nothing can match the sense of community you get squished up in the mosh singing along to your favourite band.

There is, of course, online spaces for music-lovers. One of these spaces I’ve found is TikTok. That’s where I got some of my inspiration for this project.

One user, Keana Woods, has built a successful profile where she posts about Spotify playlists she makes which are extremely curated, with very specific titles?

Watch the video below to find out about my DA.

You can follow my DA on instagram @oddlyspecificplaylists_ and spotify @oddlyspecificplaylists

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