VCD101 – Final Reflection

In this blog post, I will reflect on my experience creating my task 2 collage and booklet. During the last few weeks, I’ve put together the project below. This involved choosing a quote from a famous visual designer, and creating a collage inspired by and including the quote. I chose Jessica Walsh’s quote “If no one hates it, then no one really loves it”. I chose this quote because it seemed rather current and divisive.

PDF: Final Booklet

Whilst writing a blog post researching Walsh and her quote, I quickly realised that I do not entirely agree. I wanted to make a collage that visually portrays this tension. Hence, I have created a collage that reads upside down and down-side-up.

I started by taking pencil to paper – the way they did in the olden days. I could not use a pen as I regretfully did not receive my pen licence in 2010. I tried out different layouts with the quote, emphasising different words through sizing and placement. I decided that loves and hates were the most important words within the quote, and conveniently, they have the same number of letters and line up well underneath one another.


Slider: Making the Collage

I then began rifling through different magazines and newspapers, looking for the letters that I needed and cutting out anything I found interesting or exciting. Meryl Streep was a must. I wanted to use the crossword somehow, and I decided it made a great centrepiece and backing to my quote.

The biggest challenge I faced during this process was finding the right letters for the ‘big’ words – I needed them to be big enough to stand out, and it was important to me they had a suitable colour scheme and pattern, so that they were legible and pleasing to the eye. I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

Post Content Collage
Image: Collage

Next, I had to create my monogram. This posed a challenge. I felt upon a google search that my initials – TW – existed on a swinging pendulum between Super Hero Shield and Cliche Wedding Invitation. Neither felt correct.

As always, the only way out was through. I got started putting my initials in different fonts on Canva and arranging them in different ways on my board. I chose a handful of them and exported those as PNG’s and image traced them in Illustrator – so that I could make adjustments to the letter forms where I felt necessary. Eventually, I elected a winner – see below.

Slider: Making my Monogram

So there I was. With my monogram and treasured collage in colour, B&W, single tone and dual tone, I took on InDesign. I tried to arrange my booklet including the provided text excepts. I fiddled until I was happy, and I handed it in on time. Job done. It’s a huge plus that I actually like the work that I have produced as well.

I had never used InDesign before and had very limited experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Besides this, I am fairly unfamiliar with the mac interface. This took some working out, some googling and many questions asked to my peers and tutors over the course of the semester.

Going forward, I will have experience using the aforementioned Adobe programs – and the base of knowledge that this project has given me will build my confidence and skill base. This will undoubtedly assist me in future projects, subjects and jobs. I also learned how excited I am by physical media. To have made something that I can hold in my hands is a fantastic feeling. I might even collage during the break. Who knows!