Project Beta – Oddly Specific Playlists

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Oddly Specific Playlists

Welcome back to Oddly Specific Playlists!

If you’ve been following this project closely, you’ve seen my pitch & other updates – if not, allow me to bestow a quick summary;

Oddly Specific Playlists is a project that aims to create an online space for music lovers, provide entertainment or emotional support for users, and generate little extra exposure for lesser-known artists. My project continues to achieve these goals as I receive anonymous confessions/requests and create curated playlists inspired by them and promoted on Instagram.

I’m pleased to report that this project functions and has user interest, as initially I was cautious to work on a DA which so heavily depends on user interaction. I wasn’t sure it would abide by #FIST, however I have made iterations such as a limit of 10 songs per playlist to try to keep this project as fast, simple and tiny (inexpensive hasn’t been a concern of mine as of yet).

My project follows a feedback loop to ensure I am ideating towards addressing the needs and wants of my users – a process which is particularly important for my project, as my content largely depends on the engagement of my users.

Post Content Feedback Loop
Image: Feedback Loop
Post Content Oddly Specific Mindmap
Image: Oddly Specific Mindmap

Going forward, I’ll continue to address problems and find solutions. I’d like to grow my user base and encourage more active interaction. This may be achieved through a more consistent posting schedule, a possible platform change and lots and lots of brainstorming!

YouTube: Project Beta – Oddly Specific Playlists