Tyneesha.com: A BCM206 DA Pitch

This semester, for BCM206 (Future Networks), I will be creating a series of blog posts based on conversations I’ll be having with fellow BCM students. The blog posts will take form as these conversations take place, so they might even end up being a series of podcasts. We could talk about anything, from DA’s to lockdown Netflix recommendations. I’ll be promoting the series on my social media accounts.

Twitter: on second thoughts…

I came up with this idea after posting on Twitter asking for ideas for my own personal blog posts that I write on a weekly basis for the site. While I was scrambling for DA ideas, I realised it would make an excellent project for this semester that would allow me to keep doing what I was going to do anyway, but with the backing of the BCM community and #FIST spirit.

Twitter: oddly crowdsource

While I’ll be running the risk of a lack of user interaction ruining the whole project, I’m willing to take that chance. It’ll provide exposure for my peers and my writing work. It will foster networking and opportunities for connection in a time where we aren’t able to meet up in person. It will give me more experience as an interviewer and allow me to grow a more active user base with a functional feedback loop. It will also contribute to my online writing portfolio for possible future employers to see.

I look forward to seeing how this project goes this semester. Below is my pitch video. If you’re interested in getting in touch, hit my socials and let me know!

YouTube: BCM206 Pitch: Tyneesha.com