“Something About Identity”… My BCM212 Draft Pitch

For my research project, I’d like to look at the effects of personality indicator tools such as astrology & MBTI in forming, affirming or invalidating our sense of self. Do we seek out self-affirming archetypes using these trends? For what benefit? Is there any merit to these methods of self-discovery?

I’ve noticed that conversations about star signs in particular tend to facilitate quite polarising responses, from person to person. Why is it that while some people LOVE to hear about their zodiac placements, others find the topic boring, frustrating or meaningless?

There’s something to be said in terms of the human experience and its irrefutable link to defining, categorising and exploring ourselves and our realities based on our common or distinguishing traits. It’s a topic that is in some way relevant to everyone. How do you define yourself? Why do you define yourself?

I’m interested in this topic personally as I believe that the isolating nature of this pandemic has facilitated and brought forth social trends and patterns which prioritise introspection more than ever before. I know that personally, I have learnt a great deal about myself and developed new ways of understanding myself and the world in this time, and I suspect the same is true for many, many others.