Project Beta: BCM206

YouTube: BCM206 Beta Presentation

As stated earlier this semester in my pitch, my DA for BCM206 is a series of interviews with fellow BCM students, published as blog posts and podcast episodes. I’ve completed two interviews so far, one with Alana Naumovski which you can read here, and another with Taylor Housman which you can read about/listen to here.

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Through my process of interviewing peers, creating and promoting content, and receiving feedback, I’ve been able to meet the goals that I set for this project. I’ve seen results in promoting my peers, and my own work. This DA has given me the opportunity to build on my content creation and interviewing skills, preparing for a future career. I’ve also been able to draw on the BCM community to foster supportive connections built on mutual appreciation in a time where we are desperately in need of such energy.

Twitter: Amazing Friends

I’ve received feedback so far in the form of views, likes, comments, and a few unexpected happenings. During my conversation with Alana, we discussed our DA’s and she suggested that I try creating video content for my BCM241 photography-based DA. Although this is seemingly irrelevant to BCM206, it means I am achieving what I set out to do with this DA, as it’s encouraged me to develop new content creation skills, which have assisted in creating exposure for my work, and the work of my peers.

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My interview with Taylor garnered lots of more helpful content and allowed me to experiment with long-form audio editing, which is not something I’ve previously done. This podcast has brought listeners over, and likely provided exposure for the other work I’ve done on my podcasts this year. Another unexpected outcome from this interview was Taylor’s very active approach to advertisement. As you can see below, she live-tweeted her reactions to the final podcast and shared links to inform the audience of the work we refer to in the recording.

Twitter: Talor Podcast

This led to someone purchasing a print off of my store, to which Taylor shared the link. Our conversation and the content/feedback that resulted from it exemplifies the principles of mutual support from which my DA is built, and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

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However, both of these interviews were excessively time-consuming to curate into useable content, as you can see below.

Twitter: Podcast Editing

There’s definitely work left to do, and improving my process by introducing parameters that enable me to quicken my content turn-over is something I’ll be working on until the final DA is due.