My Top 5 BCM325 Tweets!

One fine day, 4 weeks ago, I was taking a leisurely stroll through the ever-illustrious landscape that is BCM Twitter. I found myself baffled and intrigued by a tsunami of tweets filling my feed to the brim with witty insight, film critique and inside jokes of the meme persuasion. All of them topped off with “#bcm325”. Naturally, my inquisitive (nosy ass) self simply had to jump on board. And so it began. BCM325 – Future Cultures.

Twitter: OK GOOGLE, play jealousy, jealousy by Olivia Rodrigo
Twitter: Spoiler alert – they let me in

For those of you unfamiliar with the subject – basically, every week we watch a sci-fi future-based movie and share our thoughts through live-tweeting. It’s extremely fun, and surprisingly, at times, deep. I’ve included a countdown of my favourite BCM325 tweets in the video below.

YouTube: My Top 5 BCM325 Tweets!

Self-reflection: I have but one regret, dear friends.

I haven’t been pre-planning my tweets ahead of time. If I had, my tweets might have been more insightful, helpful and well-researched. Not to mention it would have given me more of a chance to engage with watching the film and interacting with other class members in a more meaningful way. Going forth, I intend to put some time aside and plan a few tweets before screening day, because some of the themes brought up through these movies should be discussed in more depth & I’d love to be involved in that discourse.