I made this video for uni – but it’s actually pretty cool, so here.

As my crafty title suggests, this video is a uni assignment – and admittedly, it is one that I handed in very late. But I had a lot of fun with it and I think it’s a bit cool – so I wanted to share it with you. Below is the project statement that I handed it in with for your consideration. But the general concept is pretty clear and pretty sweet – it’s a little ode to my friends and family and the places and things that I love. I’m really proud of the sound design and its super personal, so please tell me you like it!

Project Statement:

“Where I’m From” is an intimate montage that, in a visual sense, embraces simplicity and tranquility through scenes of my daily life. Drawing inspiration from films like “Amélie” (2001), the color grading enhances the magic and wonder of ordinary life, infusing it with realistic yet vibrant hues.

The concept of this piece really lies within its meticulously crafted soundscape. Through a non-diegetic blend of recorded conversations with loved ones, and ambient sounds like birdsong and children playing, the audio defies chronological time, creating a rich and immersive experience.

The resulting tapestry of voices are set to an incredible piano track gracefully composed by my good friend Bonnie Stonestreet. Through the combination of its simplistic visuals and non-linear sound design, this project aims to deviate from traditional storytelling, conveying an emotionally genuine portrayal of my identity, divorced from narrative structure. By depicting my daily routines, interactions with loved ones, and the environments I inhabit, the video explores how my experiences and relationships form my understanding of “where I’m from.”

YouTube: Where I’m From


Directed by: Me
Director of Videography: Me
Produced by: Me
Score by: Bonnie Stonestreet
Starring the hands of: Sydney Smith, Kirsten Diaz, Sue Gilligan and Ash Grentell
Starring the voices of: Sydney Smith, Sue Gilligan, Heidi Maree Francis, Kirsten Diaz, Ash Grentell, Eliot Hughes, Tyler, and the passengers of the South Coast Line last Saturday.