Coming up with a DA

As most of the people reading this will know, for BCM114, we have the opportunity to create a “digital artifact”. I put those words in quotations mostly because I had no godly idea what they meant as I was scrolling through Twitter watching everyone discuss ideas.

Of course, at first, I thought…god…I don’t wannaaaaa! Being original & creative & present on social media is hard & scary wahwahwah… someone do it for me!

(You know, reasonable reactions to a course & subject I chose to do by my own will.)

Ted said in the lecture that he’d instructed our tutors to respond “I don’t know” if we asked the question “What do I do?”. So I guess I turned to myself & said “Brain! Whatitdooo?”

At first, Brain was like “I don’t know.”

& then I told Brain there’s no reason to be scared of failure & get stuck in the procrastination hole when I have the opportunity to do whatever I like & have all my wonderful classmates support me!

If you’ve grown up being a bit of a perfectionist/overachiever, then you know this is a fairly common conversation to have with ourselves. It’s okay if the final product isn’t perfect. It’s okay if it’s terrible! All you have to do is try, and that will be enough!

Twitter: 12 Vague Ides

So I made a list of everything I’m interested in.

The list is long.

‘Making lists’ is one of the items on the list.


That long.

To summarise though:

Music (that be something to do with music culture in general, or maybe finally doing something original and productive and public with my ability to play guitar and piano)
Art (I’ve been painting quite a bit lately, its become my latest coping-with-change hobby, i thought maybe i could do something with it)
Social justice type beat…maybe spread some awareness and inform people somehow?
photography (a safe bet, i know i could do it. i KNOW I’m good at it. I’ve got archives on archives of unpublished photos, so it would be easy and obvious)
Just continue to write a blog?
I’ve wanted to start up a podcast for a while now…i could muck around with SoundCloud. A series where people read their childhood journals would be hilarious and interesting if people were keen to participate!
I’ve wanted to learn animation for ages…

After a relatively small array of ideas, with pros and cons weighed & discarded, I decided to go with my gut. As such, I’ve decided to give animation a go.

I want to combine the idea with my love for music, so I’m hoping to start up an Instagram account, where I’d post short, fairly simple animations inspired music by lesser-known artists.

I have no idea what I’m doing in regards to amination, but ill watch some youtube tutorials and hopefully figure it out! It will be a good exercise in skill development as well as a little bonus promotion of some great music!

Twitter: BCM114 Animations?

I’m excited and hopeful that i can pull this off 🙂As I said on Twitter, if anyone has any song recommendations, tips, or ideas, feel free to send a message my way!