BCM302 Peer Review 2: One Last Hoorah!

As Ash, Alana and I approach the end of our final BCM subject, we perform our final collaboration – here we come together to discuss our Digital Artifacts, and naturally get productively side-tracked. In the recording below, we discuss the unique aspects of our projects, and draw on their similarities. Last peer review, we spoke about the restrictions of time on our motivation and creativity. I found this discussion not only helpful and insightful, but comforting. I’ve taken what we spoke about into consideration when writing my Contextual Report.

This time, we built on our discussion of time’s influence on content creation, by talking about seasonal cycles in online content and trends . Ash and Alana find themselves subject to Halloween trends, and ponder what it means to participate in bookstagram/book-tok, and when it is important or meaningful to participate. We speak about American media saturation and how it might limit our ability to relate to trends online. They also touched on the difficult publishing landscape as Australian fiction writers.

As three students who have re-worked the same area of interest throughout our years in BCM, this peer review marks the end of a journey. We have all re-worked, renewed and recycled our projects DA after DA, looking at them in different lights. Through our capstone subject, we came to explore what it all means to us personally, and what it might mean for us in the future. Will Ash give it all up and get a flip-phone? Only time will tell!

Audio: Peer Review 2 Podcast