Intimate venue, relaxed crowd at Natalie Claire Jazz Band

On Saturday February 24, Natalie Claire Jazz Band delivered an incredible performance at the Music Lounge in Wollongong. 

“If you’re here tonight, it means you missed out on getting tickets to Taylor Swift!” Natalie joked at the show’s start.

While Swiftie mania was once again filling Sydney’s Accor stadium, Wollongong’s crowd were in for an entirely different Saturday night. The venue was intimate and the energy relaxed as the band, headed by singer Natalie Claire, covered all the well-loved jazz classics, from Frank Sinatra to Ella Fitzgerald.

A highlight was the band’s rendition of Peggy Lee’s Fever when, supported by the band’s clear chemistry, Natalie’s smooth, toned vocals took centre stage.

Each bandmate performed impressive solos. Pianist Miroslaw Galczynski, drummer Steve Ley and bassist Nicholas Powning anticipated and complemented each other’s improvisations with ease and great timing. 

The audience was engaged and invited to interact with the band, who even led the room in singing happy birthday to one lucky person.

The musicians’ range of skills was on display, switching from slow, smooth ballads like Fly Me to the Moon to more upbeat numbers. The temptation to dance was irresistible and by the end of the show, several people were up and jiving to samba beats at the back of the room. 

The evening ended with an encore performance of Route 66, finishing off a satisfying night filled with jazz classics.

Nicholas Powning, Natalie Claire, Miroslaw Galczynski, Steve Ley. Photo: Tyneesha Williams