21st September, 2023
BCM241 Pitch: Researching Digital Photography on Instagram

BCM241 Pitch: Researching Digital Photography on Instagram

In previous blog posts, I have outlined photography as a media niche and mapped its online field site. Mapping this field site and performing some early research has allowed me to narrow my chosen niche down a little more.

Here is my updated field site mind map.

Updated Field Site Mind Map

So for this DA project, I will be looking at digital photography on Instagram. The online digital photography community has had to combat the Instagram algorithm’s preference for influencer content by producing more creative photography content, such as the post below.

I’m interested in researching the ways that photographers have built and maintained a following and persona using the app, despite its challenges. Through an autoethnographic research approach, I can investigate the ways that the platform is used by digital photographers by participating in content creation and dissemination using my own photography account.

I plan to create, post and interact with photography content and test the allowances of Instagram as a platform for photographers. Below is a weekly plan of my project.

Gnatt Chart

Some of the questions I’d like to base my research around are:

  • How does Instagram accomodate for photographers & photography content?
  • How do photographer’s accomodate for Instagram’s algorithm?
  • In which ways does Instagram fail photographers & their content?
  • How do photographers use the platform? How do they use it to build pubic persona?
  • How do people react to the work of digital photographers?

Focusing on my own observations within the field site will help avoid any ethical issues, especially when considering that photography work, while publicly available, is an art form and undoubtedly a very personal and precious one to the creators. It would be unwise to use someone artistic works as an example to prove my own points, as I run the risk of misinterpretation and misuse of content that I do not have permission to share.

The video below details more plans for this DA project.


“That’s all,

Tyneesha Williams

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  • To begin with, I’d like to point out how well articulated your prototyped media maps are! The comparison between a larger, more generalised map and a more narrow and well-defined niche field site really proves the thought you’ve put into your target audience. Instagram is a fantastic platform to explore when researching photography, as the entire app itself consists of uploaded images! Excellent choice. The Ghannt chart type timeline you created for your DA was very well structured, proving you have a clear plan for your research. It’s clear that you have a passion for photography, making it the perfect subject to ethnographically research. The use of a pre-existing and professional Instagram account for your participation within your niche will most definitely strengthen your research findings, especially if you post 3 times a week and monitor your audiences engagement. In relation to the blog, you did an incredible job tagging the blog, setting out the writing in a way that was easy to read (using dot points, spaced paragraphs, images) and sharing the different aspects of your research that you plan to embark on. A little feedback on the pitch video; I do believe that the lengthy, more musical introduction wasn’t completely necessary. In my opinion, those 25 seconds could’ve been utilised to explain another aspect of your DA, although your view on this could be different, and that’s absolutely fine! Your approach for your research was consistent and well thought out, and evidence of engaging with the subject materials was evident through your hyperlinks. You did an incredible job, I wish you luck with your research.

  • Tyneesha,

    Your pitch is clear, concise and it’s obvious you’ve narrowed down your idea a lot already. You’ve utilised in-text links really well, and made it really easy to navigate your site. You’ve used the video pitch to support the text and through this they both communicate more information about your niche (…which is awesome by the way!).

    The Gnatt chart is easy to follow and to understand, especially for a visual person like myself and it’s obvious through the narrowing down of your field site that you are consistent with your research and participation. I checked out your instagram account and I can’t wait to see what else you have to offer! I’m curious about what kind of persona you will be creating and look forward to your beta posts! Overall, this is an extremely promising pitch and I’m sure you will create an amazing digital artefact!

    All the best!

  • Hi Tyneesha! Firstly, your blog is very aesthetically pleasing which is always a good place to start. I think your actual blog post was short and sweet and did explain what you plan on doing with your DA and how your DA has relevant questions surrounding it, so gathering evidence should be quite easy. I think maybe your video was lacking only a little but maybe just from fear of repeating information you already had spoken about. I think you have a really good plan that you’re going to follow but it’s easy to see that you’re willing to adapt to other outcomes if the research takes you there. I also think you have made the pitch blog and video for both a University audience and the general population which is great. Overall I think it is a good pitch and I’m interested to see your findings!



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