BCM302: Peer Review Discussion

My classmates Ashleigh, Alana, and I sat down earlier this week to record a handy podcast episode. We delved into our respective Digital Artifacts for this semester, exploring the delicate balance between work and creativity, leisure and productivity.

My project centers around my passion for photography, navigating the fine line between making it a profitable job and preserving its creative essence. As we discussed the challenges of monetising our passions, we also shared insights into the renewed sense of agency and fulfillment we sought in our work post-lockdown.

Ashleigh, a long-time Bookstagrammer, is embarking on a project aimed at slowing down the ever-racing Bookstagram race. Her mission is to introduce stillness and contemplation into the whirlwind of competitive book-sharing.

Meanwhile, Alana, another Bookstagram enthusiast, is exploring the fusion of literature and lifestyle, making content that integrates books an integral part of her daily routine. Her project reshapes the idea of leisure by merging her passion for literature with her everyday life.

We discussed the common threads weaving through our projects – the pursuit of stillness, the reconciliation of leisure and work, and the quest for agency in how we spend our time. The podcast is a captivating exploration of the unique ways each of us is redefining our digital worlds and the exciting journeys ahead. To learn more about Ashleigh and Alana’s projects, check out their contextual reports linked below.

Audio: Peer Review Discussion Podcast
Ash’s Project
Ash’s Contextual Report
Alana’s Project
Alana’s Contextual Report