BCM302 Digital Artifact Pitch


My Digital Artifact for this semester aims to expand my photography business, aiming to build a strong sense of community through both creative and business processes. It will involve offering volunteer photo sessions for local not-for-profit/charity organisations.

Throughout this initiative, I will document (via blog & social posts) my work and reflections. I aim to explore how unpaid work can blur the lines between commerce and creativity. In essence, my project aims to leverage photography not only as a means to expand my business but also as a tool to strengthen community ties and explore interplay between business pragmatism and artistic expression.

Strategic Development Concepts

Adjacent Possibledevelopments do not occur in sudden leaps, but by exploring existing possibilities and elements.

By dissecting the components of photography and investigating the intricate relationship between monetary service and creative expression, this project aims to uncover latent possibilities. Through this approach, I will identify new avenues for artistic exploration and business growth. By embracing the concept of the “adjacent possible,” I will gradually expand the boundaries of my work, nurturing incremental innovations that arise from the connections between different elements.

Redefining Perspectives for Paradigm Shifts

This project seeks to challenge conventional assumptions and trigger paradigm shifts within the realm of photographic work. By questioning established norms and embracing unconventional ideas, I will reframe the project’s initial perspective. This approach will allow for fresh insights, enabling the generation of innovative approaches that push the boundaries of what photography can achieve. 

Who’s it for?

The target audience of this project include NGOs, charities, not-for-profits, and goodwill organisations, along with the communities they serve. Additionally, this initiative serves fellow photographers and creatives. The audiences might find my DA useful as it could help raise awareness for their cause, or help grow their business through marketing materials.

It will help me grow my business, and for other creatives, it might change the way photographical work is thought of and valued, monetarily and ideologically. I’ll be using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as my blog to connect with the audience for this project, as well as in-person interaction.

Mood Board

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Analogous Artifacts

I’ve found some artifacts that help me think about my DA. Photographers Without Borders offers grants for visual storytelling with a philanthropic focus. Humans of New York is a project that I’ve loved for years, which taps into Human Interest Stories and focuses on building intimacy and community. Colours of Wollongong is a project that I worked on as my Journalism portfolio, and it taps into a sence of community with consideration of the creative landscape of our local area specifically.

Post Content Venn Diagram Analogous Artifacts
Image: Analogous Artifacts Venn Diagram

Budget & Anticipated Challenges

Since my Photography business and website is already well set up, this project shouldn’t involve much of a cost. Fuel and time, perhaps. I anticipate the challenges involved to centre around doing work free of charge, and the time that it takes to do that, especially if it is unrewarding. However, Ive done these volunteer shoots before, and I doubt that it will be. The benefits far outweight the costs.

Pitch Video

YouTube: BCM302 Pitch