Groovy like a Drive-In Movie

I’ve said before somewhere on here out on the interwebs that Dubbo’s main event is the “river being up” and guess what! Something sort of cool actually happened!

So there’s this mad little drive-in theatre which has been closed since 1984. They’ve had it up for sale for 30+ years, but for some reason no one’s bought it. So for Youth Week, they began restoring it to open on the 7th-9th of April.  I went last night to see ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, which I realised I hadn’t actually seen all the way through. My first encounter with it was when I was 10 or 11, and I was out as soon as Nancy died… which means I missed the rest and let me tell you, its grade A+ acting for sure… quality 10/10 ?.

So I got my ‘Pluto Pup’ (yes, that’s what they’re called, away with your ‘Dagwood Dogs’ you uncultured swine). We got popcorn and forgot that I don’t like popcorn (I know, who’s the uncultured swine now right?), but that’s a whole other thing. We went back to the car after seeing this kid I really don’t like and thinking how it would have been a perfect situation for a murder to go down.

And then this happened…

YouTube: A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) – I’m Your Boyfriend Now Nancy

I laughed so much honestly, this movie is just lit, ‘lit’… ’cause Freddy got burned (hehe okay ill leave now).

All I’m saying is that Freddy could’ve done better. He just jumped in there and scratched the girl because he was still cut about his life. Freddy was essentially just rejected from society because he didn’t like kids (and really, who does?), and now he just wants to hang out and get to know the fam. He kills off all the other kids who are taking up mind space for Nancy and kills Jonny Depp (because honestly, that’s the only way he had a shot). All Freddy wanted was her attention. To be ‘the man of her dreams’… he could’ve just asked the girl out really, like to the drive-in? (Ba dum tss).

I was a little disappointed because it was all stormy an hour before we left, and then it went away, which meant I could’ve started this post out with ‘on a dark and stormy night’ and been as mysterious and stuff, but it turned out alright anyway.

To sum it up, here’s Snoop;

YouTube: Groovy like a drive-in movie! Snoop Dogg.