Refinery29: Street View Wollongong – December 2022

In December 2022, I had the unique opportunity to photograph the Wollongong edition of Refinery29 Australia’s esteemed ‘Street View’ street style series, just a month after launching my photography business.

Over two intense days, I navigated the challenges of approaching strangers for photos, working to a creative brief, and managing paperwork. This experience significantly bolstered my confidence as a relative beginner in the field, marking a pivotal moment in my professional development.

Collaborating with Refinery29 allowed me to represent the vibrant culture and environment of Wollongong, and I felt privileged to contribute to such a renowned youth-focused publication.

In December 2022, just a month after launching my photography business, I had the incredible opportunity to shoot the Wollongong edition of Refinery29 Australia’s iconic street style series, ‘Street View’. Two days of nerve-wracking work, for a relative beginner, made the world of difference in terms of me developing confidence in the job. Approaching cool-looking strangers and asking to take their photo is a head-first dive into pursuing photography as a career. I learned to work to a creative brief, approach participants and handle paperwork in a whirlwind two-day shoot in the Wollongong CBD. I was honoured to have been given the opportunity to work with a renowned youth-focused publication like Refinery29,and to represent the culture and environment of Wollongong through this series.