Green Connect Farm: Volunteer Photography

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Portfolio: Green Connect Farm

In 2023, I reached out to an incredible local organisation – Green Connect – to offer my photography services as part of my Charity Clicks initiative. When I arrived at Green Connect Farm in Warrawong, I did not know how rewarding the work that I was about to do would be. I spent hours walking around the farm, interacting with the animals and snapping pictures of their blooming produce. It’s an incredibly peaceful environment, and the work that Green Connect does for the local community is second to none.

A few months later, Community Resources, the managing company of Green Connect, entrusted me with the responsibility of conducting another comprehensive photoshoot of the farm and its dedicated employees ahead of their 2023 annual report.

These photographs not only found their place within the report, but also graced the cover. My images played a significant role in marketing the farm, its products, and services, effectively utilised across social media platforms and various physical marketing materials, including pamphlets and flyers found in their local op-shops.