Second time’s a Charm: Moving to Wollongong, a Reprise!
Second time’s a Charm: Moving to Wollongong, a Reprise!

I have a faint memory of Healthy Harold telling me not to share personal details on the internet. But as it turns out, Harold is not just a fake giraffe, but a fake friend who didn’t want me to have fun in my youth. With that out of the way, I moved back to Wollongong recently.

I wound up moving home to Dubbo halfway through last year, which would have been my first year out of home, but Coronavirus did what it does and changed everything. A worldwide health crisis was not on the original agenda for 2020, but it wasn’t the be all end all either.

Although annoying, going home meant I was able to buy a car, finish re-vamping this blog and spend some more time with family and friends. Plus, it’s WAY easier to find stories for journalism assignments, and write them well, when the interviewees are people I know personally and have been inspired by for years.

I’m in quite a different place intellectually, emotionally and financially than when I moved last year. Whether that be because I moved back home or just because moving isn’t some big scary first-time event, I don’t know. But it’s going well. I’m keeping my room clean, making friends, learning to use a slow cooker and developing a mental compass, so I don’t have to navigate everwhere.

It’s been cold the whole time I’ve been here so far, but I can’t complain too much, it’s still Wollongong. I’ve done a little bit of exploring, I’ve finally met some of my classmates in person after months of lovely, supportive Twitter interactions. 

I got the opportunity to create an ad to be put in a magazine which comes out soon, I’m working on possibly doing some paid photography this year, and hopefully, this blog and uni go well. Moreover, I hope COVID kindly disappears, and I can have regular concerts and festivals and travel back. I miss jumping up and down trying not to die in a crowd to the point I don’t remember what it feels like, so my first show after all this will feel like the first one ever.

Yesterday I got the conch piercing I’ve wanted for a while. It hurts like all hell, and I have to sleep on the other side of my head, but in 6 months I’ll be able to put a pretty ring in it and look like a little fairy, which I think we can all agree is a reasonable goal to have. I got my first tattoo about a month ago too. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s not to take things for granted or come up with excuses to put things off, cause you might not have the freedom tomorrow that you have today.