My ‘Breakout’ Debut

Soooooo I’m turning 16 on may 3rd this year (yes that’s the launch date, self promo.)

Anyway, I don’t want to sound overly narcissistic, but I’m a good amount more mature than most people my age. Not that I actually know too many people who are my age, because I’m in the year above in school than I should be…so some of my friends are nearly 15 months older than me. They’re getting their P’s and I’m not even old enough to get my L’s. I’ll start year 12 being the same age they were halfway through year 10. On top of that, I have to be a little more responsible because my older siblings are, umm, challenging…and although it can be a pain to explain to everyone who tells me upon first meeting me that I ‘Look like I’m thirteen’… it does seem to make me a little more comfortable with talking to people outside my age group or direct social groups.

My point is that;

Today I activated my first EFTPOS card
Last week I got my first paycheck…
From my first job, which I got from my fantastic first interveiw with my very empty first resume
I just finished the first term of my senior studies
In writing this blog, I will have taken my first realistic steps toward my goals for the rest of my life (sorry school.)
And to top it all off, I’m currently enduring my first proper breakout of acne!

(okay have I ruined the word first for you yet?)

So in honour of this new found life of independence, I’ve decided to indulge you in my most immature hobby.

Pimple popping.

Okay, before you all throw a fit and tell me that ill scar my skin or whatever…that might actually do me some good, putting some missing years on my face.

The other argument is that “it’ssss grosss”, to which my response is that I regret to inform you that we live in a world where we put pineapple on pizza. and that nothing is grosser than that.

But, if you’re really not keen on the topic, stop reading now…because here comes the video. You’re welcome.

YouTube: family guy meg pops a zit