Life is like a ‘Fox’ of Chocolates


Look. Honestly, Easter is my least favourite holiday. It gives me pimples and makes me feel sick because honestly, I have no idea what my chocolate limits are. I can’t be bothered to find something decent to eat when there’s a big bowl of chocolate sitting there in my room. I have to wake up earlier than 10 am and do an Easter egg hunt, that I always lose miserably. We have breakfast which never actually gets eaten because, ummm chocolate… then Mum always says something about how we should go to church one year, (but we never have). Then we have a family lunch with our cousins and grandparents, where deserts, barbeque and potato bake is peer pressured down our throat. Then we go home and pass out for the rest of the day, thank‘full’ because if it were a few hundred years ago, we wouldn’t get Easter because of Dad’s allergy to eggs and anything that lays them and anything with hormones. But this year it got a little more interesting.

So, Mum and Dad, the Easter bunny set up the Easter egg hunt at like 12 am and then walked out in the morning-morning and figured out that a bunch of the eggs were missing. So, Mum and Dad, the Easter bunny accused us of getting a head start, which is a little unlikely considering my total of nine Easter eggs. Everyone was like “Nah” and dad was like “Oh for fox sakes, I’ll check the cameras.”

The fox stole our eggs at 2 am.

We live in the middle of a fairly busy suburban area, and there’s a fox. It took the wrappers and everything.

It didn’t do a flip or anything, so don’t get too excited, but it was exciting enough to get on the local news (WIN TV) today and in the local paper (Daily Liberal). But you know, then again, everything is exciting in Dubbo, and anything more eventful than ‘the river’s up’ is basically billboard worthy.

Seriously, driving into Dubbo reads this:

15km to Dubbo - “We have a slide at McDonald's!”
10km to Dubbo - “There are 3 Woolworth's!”
5km to Dubbo - “Oh there's a Zoo too...”
4km to Dubbo - “We have a beach.”
3km to Dubbo - “Psych, it's a river, but its up! Make sure to say that every time you
drive across the bridge!”
2km to Dubbo - “Across the bridge, there's West Dubbo! Malcolm Naden!”
1km to Dubbo - “There's a fox over there too.”

Anyway, here’s the video if you care;

YouTube: WIN News – Easter Fox