Homestead of Hope to hold fundraiser at Kiama Bowling Club

Local charity Homestead of Hope will hold a fundraising lunch on Friday, March 22 at Kiama Bowling Club.

Attendees will enjoy lunch, a raffle, a lucky door and games prizes, and a chance to shop second-hand goods. All money raised will help Homestead of Hope in its work to support marginalised people in the community.

“Perhaps you’re socially disadvantaged, financially disadvantaged, widowed or even homeless. Some people are struggling with mental health or simply feeling lonely,” said the president of Homestead of Hope, Mary Spillane.

“It’s based on all the Christian churches in Kiama. But anyone is welcome – believers, non-believers, doesn’t matter. That’s not what it’s about. It’s all about helping and reaching out to each other.” 

Homestead of Hope holds a free lunch every Tuesday at Kiama Harbour Scout Hall. Anyone is welcome to come along and enjoy home-cooked meals, served by volunteers. 

“People are on a roster to volunteer – to wash up and cook and serve. And we’ve now started a new roster – someone just to sit and chat,” Mary said.

“Kiama is a beautiful place – the community is very people-centred and community-centred. But some people have to stay on the trains riding back and forth, and others are just lonely or have mental health issues and trouble socialising.

“They come to know each other when they come here.”

Homestead of Hope has been working with organisations like St Vincent De Paul for over 13 years to find help for people who are struggling with hardship. 

“The dream was originally that we could have a house of our own and we could let people stay. Even just to have a shower and do some washing. But in today’s market, it’s not achievable yet. But we haven’t given up,” Mary said.

“The rental market is terrible. We had one lady we helped last year. She was living in Warilla and the landlord said that they were renovating and putting the rent up – and she just could not find anywhere to live.”

Illawarra locals can get involved, take part in fundraisers and donate their time by getting in touch with Homestead of Hope through their website or Facebook page.