15 Things I Put on the Internet This Year

Late last year, I orchestrated the grand re-launch of Tyneesha.com with a brand new name, design and content schedule. If you’ve known me for long enough, you might remember the old site, and you might recall that I got busy and bored and stopped writing for a few years. This year, I’ve somehow managed to write one or more posts each week, and statistically, it’s definitely paid off. So, with this chaotic insane year drawing to a close, I thought we could take a look back on the record-setting mass of content I’ve pumped out during 2021.

Stuff I Did: The Big Statistics

This year, I wrote and published 88 posts, 78,008 words, and I recorded 16 podcasts. According to Google statistics that I collected on November 21st, the site had 1553 users and 5638 page views. October was our biggest month, finishing up with 902 page views and 239 users. However, we’re only 10 more users away from making November the best month. Our biggest day this year was October 23rd, with a grand total of 55 users dropping in on that day. Excitingly, I sold 10 items from the store, which averaged out at around $43.23 each, and added up to $259.39 in sales. So, thanks for paying a week’s rent for me.

Stuff You Guys Did: The Demographic

According to Google, our user base is pretty even in terms of gender. Around 59.9% of you are female, and 40.1% are male. Unfortunately, that doesn’t consider our non-binary and genderfluid friends, but I’ll be having a stern chat with Google about it. Most of you are between 18 and 24 years old (48%). 852 of you are from Australia, 465 are from the United States, and 44 are from China. Most of you are from Sydney (39.52%). Curiously, the second biggest user mass resides in Ashburn, a town in Virginia, US (12.48%). Wollongong crew came in at third (7.53%). The list goes on; however, notably, my hometown Dubbo residents don’t make the top ten. What’s up with that, guys?

Most of you stay up to date with my work through Twitter (67.24%). A special shout out to my university pals and peers for that. Facebook comes next, responsible for around 24.22% of traffic. Instagram brings in a somewhat disappointing 7.84%, so thank you to those who made an effort to click the link in my bio since Instagram won’t let us post links in posts.

Most of you viewed my site on a desktop device (849), which is great because that’s the format that it looks the best in. Technically, my users are worth around 5c each. But emotionally, you guys are priceless. Thank you for all of the support this year. Now, let’s jump into the top posts.

The 10 Top Posts

Following is a list of the top 10 posts from this year, considering statistical data and personal sentiment. If you haven’t seen them yet, now’s the time to catch up.

Why ‘Pretty Privilege’ Actually Sucks.

This was the most viewed post this year. It might have been relatable content to many people, but I can’t help but think that it did so well because people thought I was being cocky and clicked on it. Don’t underestimate the power of clickbait because that’s not really what the post is about at all. A few people messaged me about this post, letting me know that they’d experienced similar feelings. That was very touching and a shoutout to those people.

Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath wrote about femininity as a limiting experience.

I decided to try something different during the lockdown. I needed to break the mould of my content routine to get excited about creating again. So I made The Doodle Book, which allowed me to post anything in any format at any time. There’s no boundaries or schedules around it. As a result, I’ve published some very personal work that I’m incredibly proud of. This is my favourite post from this year.

A Little Poem About Not Being Little

This is also from The Doodle Book. It’s literally just a little poem I scribbled in a notebook one afternoon after catching sight of myself. Publishing it was a really bold decision on my part, considering how personal it is, but I’m happy that I did.

EXCLUSIVE: Sydney Band AMARNA Put Out Debut Single ‘Routine’ & AMARNA Release Stunning Sophmore Single, ‘When’

I cannot overstate how happy and grateful I was when James, the frontman of AMARNA, contacted me to write a review on their debut single. He said that he’d read some of my other music reviews and that he liked my style. Of course, I jumped on board and helped the boys promote their work. When they sent me the songs, I thanked God that they were good. It would have been really awkward if I hated their music.

Critiquing Albums Like I Could Make Anything Better: – Manic by Halsey

This particular album review got the most likes of the series. It was the first one that I put out, so that makes sense. Since this one, I’ve written about my love for a few albums. Notably, my posts, Happier Than Ever, Sour, Folklore – and Ball Park Music which scored me a retweet or two from my favourite band. I really enjoy writing about music, and I’ll definitely continue doing so.

10 Realistic ADHD Life Hacks

Ironically, this one did really well in terms of engagement. I spent a considerable chunk of this year getting my mental health in check. As I went along and learned how to make life easier and more enjoyable for myself, I took notes. If any of these hacks actually helped anyone who read it, I am so flattered and glad to help.

NOT CLICKBAIT: That Time I Was Hit by a Truck!

This one, somewhat surprisingly, did not do exceptionally well in terms of views, but it’s an important one to me. If we’re looking at this list as a recap of my year, this is a preeminent event for obvious reasons. I wrote it in the second person, which is not something that I’d previously done, and I’m very happy with the storytelling I did through that.

Your Sexuality Doesn’t Need to be Labelled

This is the post that my Dad deemed some of my best writing. I’m definitely proud of it too. It was a reasonably vulnerable topic to write about for me. As someone who usually isn’t interested in calling attention to my own sexual identity in a way that concerns the general public. This was also one of a few articles that I had the opportunity to write for an online magazine called ‘An Idea’, which was really quite cool.

Perks of Being a Tyneesha: Paul Kelly, Adulting & Did I Mention Paul Kelly?

This year, I realised that I don’t tend to write about myself a lot. It’s my blog; it’s obviously named after me, so it didn’t make sense to pretend I didn’t have a personal life to share. So I started the “Perks of Being a Tyneesha” series. The series is named after my favourite comfort movie, in case you missed the reference. This one talks explicitly about something really cool that I got to do this year.

Are we Wasting the Best Years of our Lives? vs Did Lockdown Change Us for the Better?

The other essential thing that happened this year was, of course, the four-month lockdown. Comparing these two posts kind of encapsulates the growth that I feel I went through during this time. They both did reasonably well in terms of views, and I think that’s a big testament to human nature and coming together through the chaos of the pandemic.

Top 5 UOW Posts

This year, the majority of my user base definitely came from fellow media students, and I’ve done some work that I’m really proud of in my academic life this year. So leaving those projects out of this post seemed ridiculous. The following are your favourite posts from the UOW category.

Vaporwave: what is it and why do I love it so?

This was the most viewed and commented post I did this year. I’m very proud of it in terms of the multimedia that I included. I loved that I could embed a Pinterest board. This blog post even got me nominated for best blog post in the autumn semester. (I didn’t win, but I did win three other awards, as I wrote about in this post). I don’t know a lot about the subject I was writing about, so I sincerely hope no one copied any of it for their assignments.

When this is all over…

I wrote this assignment last year, but it’s had a strangely high amount of traffic this year. I don’t know whether it’s been put on the moodle page as an example, but there are google stats that suggest that that is what’s going on. That, or it comes up when “Niall Horan’ is searched. I really hope that it helped people do their assignment or were at least interesting.

BCM241 – Neesh Photography

This semester, I ran a photography account on Instagram as a part of a research assignment. My research was based on digital photography and how people interact with content in the media niche. I wrote about some interesting conclusions throughout the subject, and lots of people read those observations. I’m very proud of my work on this subject in particular, so I appreciate the support.

Why Do People Believe in Astrology?

This idea got me a Bloggie for ‘best research project’, which astounded me because, during the semester, I felt that no one seemed interested in it. Astrology is something that I think about and talk about a lot, so the assignment was fun to do. Again, I’m proud of what I did with this one, and I thank you all for your contribution.

The Network Society Paradigm & Why is TikTok so Successful?

This one got a lot of views, and I’m not sure why. To be fully honest with you, I bullshitted my way through it. I don’t think any of us understood the assignment, so you’re welcome if I helped at all.

What’s Next: Looking to 2022

I have some fun, fresh things in the making ready for the new year. I was going to talk about them here, but this post is already far too long. Next week’s post will be an end-of-year wrap-up and much less numerical than this post. So I’ll tell you more then.