Sydney Band AMARNA Release New Single, ‘5AM’

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Three-piece Sydney band AMARNA are back with yet another single! It’s called 5AM, and it’s out on all streaming platforms this Friday.

Spotify: 5AM – AMARNA

This track is a bit different to the music that the band has put out in the past. It’s a soft, mellow funk-rock tune about the wonders of early morning.

Believe it or not, this funky little earworm started as a sneaky punk jam. What we hear now is an upbeat, slow-build summery track with a steady, happy, bouncy beat.

“The original sound Alex had in mind was up-tempo and punk-inspired. Although, at the time, I was just starting to get into funk guitar playing (I am an unabashed Cory Wong disciple) and was eager to trying a put that anywhere I could.”

“So the compromise we came to was to keep Alex’s punk-inspired lyrics and structure and put it over a funky sounding backdrop.”

This song is so different from the other songs that the guys have put out. Out of the three singles AMARNA has released in the last year or so, I think this one is closest in sound to their first single, Routine. Though, it’s still a far cry from similarity.

“Unlike the other songs we’ve produced, 5AM was all about tone.”

“Tom’s bass part needed to be deep and punchy but not overwhelming, the drums needed to be wide and loud – but not too loud – and the guitar needed to be as crisp as possible. That’s where our producer, Yossif Kay, came in and absolutely killed it.”

The addition of synth and some slightly experimental vocals gives the song a touch of psychedelic energy. It’s exciting to see the band explore their sound, and I can’t wait to see what they brew up next!

You’ll definately want to check out this song live. Since the beginning, I’m told it has been a setlist staple, so keep an eye out for AMARNA’s gig on May 7th at the Agincourt Hotel.