My Top 100ish


This list was more difficult to make than I thought it would have been. It’s not exactly 100 songs, a lot of the songs aren’t from this year, (because music from this year let me down a little, so I had to go hunting for music I liked), and it’s probably not in the exact order I’d like it to be in, but alas;

Here are my Top 100(ish) favourite songs of 2018! Please, feel free to scroll on through and judge my questionable choices! xoxo

  1. When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish – Spotify | Youtube
    The LAYERING!!!! That is why it is number one. Billie, you’ve outdone yourself and everyone else.
  2. By the Time You’ve Finished Your Coffee by Korantemaa – Spotify | Youtube
    Do I like this song as much as I think I do? Or does it just have a cool name? Find out next episode.
  3. The Deepest of Sighs, The Frankest of Shadows by Gang of Youths – Spotify | Youtube
    I have a lot of admiration for people who are really articulate (because I want to be like that myself) and this song is just a fancy beautiful way of saying “shit happens, let it happen.”.Which sums up this past year pretty well.
  4. Vincent by Don Mclean – Spotify | Youtube
    It’s about VINCENT VAN GOGH BRO! That’s cool! Too bad he can’t hear it though, cause he cut his ear off, and also he’s been deceased for a long time…?
  5. Emma by Kaitlin Keegan – Spotify | Youtube
    Kaitlin Keegan, how dare you attack me like that with your awesome shockingly specific and relatable lyrics that deliver perspective and closure. Rude.
  6. Achilles Come Down by Gang of Youths – Spotify | Youtube
    I loooooove cellos. They are by far the neglected long lost kings of music, and I’m so glad that Gang of Youths decided to pair Cellos with Greek mythology so that they could tell us, artistically and historically, not to kill ourselves.
  7. To Zion by Ms. Lauryn Hill and Carlos Santana – Spotify | Youtube
    Honestly, I love every single song on ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.’ But this one made it cause Carlos Santana and his guitar did a thing that makes my heart smile.
  8. Graceful by Tyne-James Organ – Spotify | Youtube
    Simply put, this song is just an absolute indisputable banger, and I love it so much.
  9. It’s Nice to Be Alive by Ballpark Music – Spotify | Youtube
    This song will never fail to make me smile.
  10. Hey, Did I Do You Wrong? by San Cisco – Spotify | Youtube
    Again, could just be the cool title, could be a good song…either way, it’s a really happy beachy sounding song, but the lyrics are kind of like “I don’t understand what’s happening” and if that doesn’t represent this year, I don’t know what will.
  11. Japanese Denim by Daniel Caesar – Spotify | Youtube
    It’s just so… ethereal? “My blue jeans will last me all my life”? IDK I just love it.
  12. Suit and Jacket by Judah and The Lion – Spotify | Youtube
    Okay, my friend actually found this song maybe a year or two ago, but it got more and more relevant as we came to finishing school. Also, banjos are so cool!
  13. Let Me Down Easy by Gang of Youths – Spotify | Youtube
    I’ve attached the live performance from Splendor, so y’all can all fall in love again.
  14. Somebody Else by The 1975 – Spotify | Youtube
    Sincerity Is Scary by The 1975 – Spotify | Youtube

    ‘Somebody else’ has really cool layering and sounds like 80’s pop flavoured heartbreak, and I love it. ‘Sincerity is Scary’ is self-explanatory “And why would you believe you could control how you’re perceived when at your best you’re intermediately versed in your own feelings?”… Matt Healy calls an entire generation out.
  15. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol – Spotify | Youtube
    This. Is. My favourite song. Ever. Always. It had to be on this list, I’ve been obsessed for years, and I’ve still yet to ever skip on it. Play it at my funeral, consider this my formal request.
  16. Someday, Someday by Thirsty Merc – Spotify | Youtube
    Thirsty Merc came from Dubbo, so they know how it be. This song is like Aussie ‘Hey There Delilah’, but far less creepy.
  17. Joy by Alysia Harris – Spotify | Youtube
    This is not a song, it’s a spoken word poem that I absolutely adore, but I listen to it ritualistically. So it had to be on the list.
  18. Intentions by Macklemore and Dan Caplen – Spotify | Youtube
    I remember listening to this song in January, and it set a positive outlook mood from the word go.
  19. Don’t Kill My Vibe by Sigrid – Spotify | Youtube
    “I try to play it nice, but don’t kill my vibe” is basically my entire philosophy with people. This song is good if I’m angry or happy and I appreciate that. Also, check out the Anne Marie Cover.
  20. Tears Dry on Their Own by Amy Winehouse – Spotify | Youtube
    “He walks away, the sun goes down, he takes the day, but I’m grown”. Basically, Amy Winehouse says, “thank u, next”.
  21. Peach Scone by Hobo Johnson – Spotify | Youtube
    Romeo & Juliet by Hobo Johnson – Spotify | Youtube

    Ok, I only know one other person who thinks Hobo Johnson is good, but it’s basically spoken poetry with a super simple track in the background, and I love how honest it sounds.
  22. Shy by Leon Bridges – Spotify | Youtube
    It’s just so chill…
  23. Magic in The Hamptons by Social House Ft. Lil Yachty – Spotify | Youtube
    This is one of the only songs on this list that I like just because it made me happy.
  24. God Forgot by The Rubens – Spotify | Youtube
    Literal banger. That’s all.
  25. When Doves Cry by Quindon Tarver Cover – Youtube
    Honestly, I’m just a big fan of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo + Juliet’, and I think this rendition is beautiful.
  26. Easy by Lionel Richie – Spotify | Youtube
    Easy by Mac Ayers – Spotify | Youtube
    Easily by Bruno Major – Spotify | Youtube

    They’re all just so chill, I sleep to these songs
  27. Honey by Khelani – Spotify | Youtube
    Honey by Jonny Balik – Spotify | Youtube

    They’re both so cute and simple. Please love them.
  28. Sitting on The Dock of The Bay by Otis Reading – Spotify | Youtube
    Okay, this song sounds like it should be the background music to a scene where a dude has just run away to follow his dream of becoming a blues singer, and he misses his family, and he’s just feeding seagulls as he looks broody and moody out to sea…
  29. Borderline by Gallant – Youtube
    Again, LAYERING and LYRICS. “She was born with a rubber spine/Loose skin and vacant eyes/Nurtured by the tumbleweeds/And the crackling of the power lines.” If you do nothing else, just read the lyrics.
  30. It’s Only Natural by Crowded House – Spotify | Youtube
    “You and I will shake off this mortal coil” is a Hamlet reference, which is enough to make me like anything.
  31. Swell by Imbi The Girl – Spotify | Youtube
    I saw it on Rage hahaha.
  32. Ivy by Football Club – Spotify | Youtube
    Ivy by Frank Ocean – Spotify | Youtube
    Ivy by Football Club is sad but sweet, and Frank Ocean isn’t even human, everything he does is beyond earthly beautiful, and this song is one of my absolute favourites.
  33. Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Bublé – Spotify | Youtube
    It just makes me happy.
  34. Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin – Spotify | Youtube
    I showed my youngest sister this song in January and she loves it. And therefore, so do I.
  35. What Do I Know? by Ed Sheeran – Spotify | Youtube
    This is Ed saying “stop making happiness complicated, idiots.”
  36. Stand by Me by Ben. E. King – Spotify | Youtube
    Everyone watch the movie, it’s essential.
  37. Someone to Watch Over Me by Ella Fitzgerald – Spotify | Youtube
    Okay, I love Ella Fitzgerald… but I was somewhere random and heard another version of this song that I’ve never been able to find on the interwebs…but the song itself is one of my favourites, ever.
  38. Green Pastures by David Baloche – Youtube
    Sometimes, I enjoy me some Jesus music. Especially when it sounds like a sunrise.
  39. Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton – Spotify | Youtube
    I’m sorry if you hate country music, but this song is on the list purely because it’s so versatile. Like will I cry? Maybe I’ll get married? Maybe just nap? No one knows it works in every situation.
  40. Rum Rage by Sticky Fingers – Spotify | Youtube
    I REALLY like the guitar bit, and then the vocals come in and I don’t know how to explain it, the rhythm of the song is so different.
  41. Yellow Rose by Matt Walden – Spotify | Youtube
    Cool name. Sappy love song. Has bird chirps in the background. Also, I love yellow roses, and this song reminds me of my birthday this year which was my favourite so far.
  42. Chateau by Julia and Angus Stone – Spotify | Youtube
    Angus and Julia Stone knew we were all going to sleep or road trip to this song, it’s just dreamy as heck…
  43. Nice for What by Drake – Spotify | Youtube
    Say what you will about Drake, I wasn’t a fan of his last album… but this song is on the list because it’s the song I got ready to all year AND it samples a Lauryn Hill song, and we love her.
  44. Hello by The Cat Empire – Spotify | Youtube
    Cure your depression today, learn every word to this. Put it on your resume; it’s a valuable skill to have. Also, TRUMPETS!!
  45. Fine by Noah Kahan – Spotify | Youtube
    Noah Kahan is way underappreciated and this song especially.
  46. Awoman Amen by Genesis Owusu – Spotify | Youtube
    This song is just really heckin cool homies. The “the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down” part onwards is so important. So at least listen to that last part of the song.
  47. Human by Sevdaliza – Spotify | Youtube
    Ok look, this song is scary sounding, but I think it’s really cool and different. I woke up at like 3 am, and this was playing in my earphones, it was terrifying.
  48. Go Fuck Yourself by Two Feet – Spotify | Youtube
    It’s just a jam and a half.
  49. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman – Spotify | Youtube
    Okay so, I heard the original version in the car one day, I didn’t actually know that the newer version was a remake, but this one will always be superior.
  50. From the Dining Table by Harry Styles – Spotify | Youtube
    Pretty guitar. Echo-layering. Harry Styles’ most underappreciated song. Please love it; I promise it’s good. Plus, cool name.
  51. Particular Taste by Shawn Mendes – Spotify | Youtube
    Shawn Mendes’ 2018 album was pretty great for him; he’s not as cheesy, and Justin Beiber-y as he once was. This song was my favourite. The riff at the beginning is just very James Dean-ish ya know?
  52. Can We Kiss Forever? by Kina and Adrianna Proenza – Spotify | Youtube
    This song is more dreamy than Derek Shepherd.
  53. Barfuß Am Klavier by Annenmaykantereit – Spotify | Youtube
    The title translates to “playing piano barefoot” and that’s adorable.
  54. The Cave by Mumford & Sons – Spotify | Youtube
    This song is based on Plato’s ‘allegory of the cave” and, obviously, I think that’s really cool.
  55. Tongue Tied by Grouplove – Spotify | Youtube
    The video of Post Malone. If you know, you know.
  56. Joshua by Dizzy – Spotify | Youtube
    If you play this song, there’s a good chance I’ll fall asleep instantly. It’s so pretty. And sad. But pretty.
  57. I Just Know by Jacob Lee – Spotify | Youtube
    I took a video last year, and the beginning of this song was playing in the background for 3 seconds… but I tracked it down, and here it is!
  58. Places We Won’t Walk by Bruno Major – Spotify | Youtube
    Bruno Major…bless your soul. This song is literally a poem with pretty background music. What more could I ask?
  59. Wouldn’t Mean A Thing by Bruno Major – Spotify | Youtube
    “I could sail across the Indian Ocean and bathe in the reflection of the moon. I could find the buried treasure of ancient kings, but it wouldn’t mean a thing without you” Again, bless your soul, Bruno.
  60. Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles – Spotify | Youtube
    Hmm, this song just made me feel better at some rougher points this year and last year.
  61. Feeling Whitney by Post Malone – Spotify | Youtube
    Low-key Post Malone’s best song, fight me if you wish.
  62. Straight Lines by Silverchair – Spotify | Youtube
    I couldn’t tell you what this song is supposed to be about, but it’s one of my all-time favourites.
  63. Season 2 Episode 3 by Glass Animals – Spotify | Youtube
    Cool title. Cool video clip. Background music sounds like an 80’s video game. Highly recommended.
  64. Best Friend by Rex Orange County – Spotify | Youtube
    UNO by Rex Orange County – Spotify | Youtube

    Rex Orange County is a hidden gem, and these songs make me happy. They seem very honest and sweet.
  65. I Found by Amber Run – Spotify | Youtube
    So chillllll.
  66. 1950 by King Princess – Spotify | Youtube
    It got overplayed, but it’s good enough to deserve that.
  67. Boy by Willow – Spotify | Youtube
    “Hey mum, I met a boy, he plays guitar. He likes Quentin Tarantino and really sad songs” Willow, he sounds swell what’s his number aye?
  68. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Sam Smith’s Cover – Spotify | Youtube
    “from now on, your troubles will be far away” *cries* ahaha true story. Sam Smith get out of my soul with your smooth voice, please.
  69. Girl in The Sun by Allday – Spotify | Youtube
    You know those songs that you kind of just love because you just know all the words somehow? Yeah. This. It’s super chill too.
  70. Groceries by Mallrat – Spotify | Youtube
    A recent fave, haven’t had a chance to play it to death and ruin it with memories yet…we love an unblemished bop
  71. Warm Coffee (The Market Song) by Ziggy Alberts – Spotify | Youtube
    It’s a cute song with a cute name by a dude with a cute name. And I love it.
  72. Saw You in A Dream by The Japanese House – Spotify | Youtube
    This is one of those songs that just sounds exactly like what it’s called.
  73. Talk Is Cheap by Chet Faker – Spotify | Youtube
    It’s old I know, but it grows on me every year.
  74. Another Day in Paradise by Quinn Xvi – Spotify | Youtube
    One of my best friends and most trusted musical advisors showed me this song a few years ago, and I still haven’t gotten over it. HIGHLY recommended.
  75. Everybody but You by The Thundermentals – Spotify | Youtube
    I think I just really like the beat IDK but it’s great!
  76. Take Me to Church, Obviously The Original, but also Nicholas Yee’s Cello Cover – Spotify | Youtube
    We love cello covers. The cover legit somehow sounds more emotional than that original song.
  77. All That I See by Matt Corby – Spotify | Youtube
    Look, I like this song because it’s so many things at once, I don’t know how else to explain it.
  78. I Don’t Need Your Love by John Vincent III – Spotify
    It’s chill! It’s sad! It’s got a long name!… It’s Tyneesha’s kind of song!!!
  79. Drive by Gretta Ray – Spotify | Youtube
    Another song I haven’t destroyed yet. It makes me smile
  80. Blessed by Daniel Caesar – Spotify | Youtube
    This song reminds me to stay grateful.
  81. Killing Me Softly with His Song by Roberta Flack – Spotify | Youtube
    My Dad thinks the version by The Fugees is better…but as cool as ‘Lauryn Hill and the other dudes’ are, I think this version is more genuine-sounding. Sadly though, unlike I thought, this version isn’t even the original, and the song isn’t about Don McLean. Sad reacts only.
  82. The Good That Won’t Come Out by Rilo Kiley – Spotify | Youtube
    “Let’s get together and talk about the modern age/all of our friends were gathered there/with their pets just talking shit/about how we’re all so upset about the disappearing ground/
    as we watch it melt.”
  83. Untamed by Marc Scibilia – Spotify | Youtube
    I get too much of my music from the credits song at the end of shows. This is one of them.
  84. My Way by Frank Sinatra – Spotify | Youtube
    May I present; the original independent woman, Frank Sinatra.
  85. Ophelia by The Lumineers – Spotify | Youtube
    Fun fact: The Lumineers didn’t mean to reference Shakespeare’s ‘Ophelia’ character, but it’s a VERY happy accident.
  86. Self Control by Frank Ocean – Spotify | Youtube
    This song has been stuck in my head every single day since I first heard it. Again, Frank Ocean is NOT human, and this is mind control, but I’m happy to oblige.
  87. Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band – Spotify | Youtube
    My love for Zac Brown Band grew this year (because the only song I really knew before 2018 was Chicken Fried) and this is my favourite of theirs I think. Also, Shawn Mendes did a duet with big ol’ Zac Brown of this song and wowow!
  88. Lemonade by Jeremy Passion – Spotify | Youtube
    which inspired,
    Best Part by Daniel Caesar – Spotify | Youtube

    They’re just the absolute cutest of love songs. Like don’t listen to it unless you’re in love otherwise you’ll spew. Cute.
  89. Trip by Ella Mai – Spotify | Youtube
    I think this is one of the only really upbeat songs that I enjoyed this year.
  90. Love Lies by Khalid And Normani – Spotify | Youtube
    I don’t know what it is about this song, but it sounds like I’ve known it all my life? If that makes sense?
  91. Lucy by Olivver The Kid – Spotify | Youtube
    “She said hurt people hurt people” is the main line in this song, and I think this year just brought me a lot of lessons on the simple fact that the way you treat other people is a DIRECT reflection of how you feel within yourself. So it’s relevant.
  92. Campfire by Anime – Spotify | Youtube
    The beat makes me feel like a rural gangster.
  93. You’re Somebody Else by Flora Cash – Spotify | Youtube
    I think it was the harmonies that got me…
  94. I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues, the Alessia Cara cover – Spotify | Youtube
    Ok. No one shoot me. This year, I discovered that I like Elton John songs…but I don’t like his voice. I feel the same about a lot of Demi Lovato songs too. Anyway, they did a revamp album of his songs, and this was the only one that particularly pleased my ears.
  95. Bruises by Lewis Capaldi – Spotify | Youtube
    Acoustic Angst. Love that.
  96. Missin You Crazy by Russ – Spotify | Youtube
    The video with the dad and the little boy in the car. If you know you know pt. 2
  97. Second Hand Car by Kim Churchill – Spotify | Youtube
    I’m fairly certain I heard this song on the 2017 Triple J Hot 100. I don’t know what else to say about it though.
  98. Small Worlds by Mac Miller – Spotify | Youtube
    This song sounds kind of like a drunken call to your best friend that you accidentally drifted away from 5 years ago? If that makes sense at all?
  99. The Less I Know the Better by Tame Impala – Spotify | Youtube
    80’s-sounding-electro-pop-dreamy music is probably my favourite sub-genre this year, as exemplified most accurately by this song.
  100. WOW by Kwame – Spotify | Youtube
    I think this was the first song I remember really liking this year, so it had to be on the list, and I’m glad it is cause you should listen to it. It’ll make you feel good about yourself.

Also, I maaaaade these playlists…

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