1st June, 2023
I Never Thought I’d Be Marked On My Aptitude For Self Criticism: BCM325 Pitch Reviews

I Never Thought I’d Be Marked On My Aptitude For Self Criticism: BCM325 Pitch Reviews

Hello BCM325 Future Culture students, tutors and any other random straggler who’s accidentally crawled on in here.

This week I was tasked with peer reviewing three other BCM325 digital artifact pitches, and reflecting on my feedback. As Wendell Bell says, “Disciplined and valid prospective thinking can help people shape their environments and their futures effectively and responsibly.” So the process of gathering and giving this feedback is likely to benefit me and my own digital artifact, as well as, hopefully, the recipients of my feedback.

I’ve written more than a few reviews. If you dig around my blog, you’ll find most of those reviews under the music category. Whilst academic peer reviews differ from album/song reviews in tone and structure, my process for giving the feedback is relatively similar. Check out my feedback process and the digital artifacts that I commented on below!

BCM325: How To Peer Review
Qinyu Zeng – ‘Sun House’

For her DA, Qinyu is aiming to assist users with their post-covid anxiety by creating relevant content on a variety of social media platforms.

My Comment #1
Georgia Evans – Don’t Be A Pitch

Georgia is developing a social media plan for the cafe where she works, testing the waters for a possible future career in media management.

My Comment #2
Maddy Hawkins – The future of Facebook and the UOWDMS

Maddy’s DA is revamping the UOWDMS Facebook page, using it to share job opportunities and build a stronger online community.

My Comment #3

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