8th December, 2022

BCM215 Pitch Reviews

1. Jack’s Pitch

Jack’s DA is to be an album of audio tracks/songs inspired by a game-music genre. He’ll be researching the effects and use of music in video games as a paratext. He didn’t have his comment section enabled, so I typed out my comment and included it here instead.

After looking at Jack’s pitch, I wrote my comment commending his design skills and chosen area of research. I drew on subject material by thinking of his project through conceptual frameworks that are mentioned in the lectures. I recommended an article that I thought would support Jack in thinking of his project through a psychological lens. Through peer reviewing Jack’s pitch, I reassessed my own approach to the Digital Artifact and it occurred to me that I should have chosen to do a DA that more closely aligned with my own personal goals/interests. I would be more motivated to create content for my DA. It also made me think that I could benefit from more of a conceptual framework and background knowledge of my topic.

2. Elizabeth’s Pitch

Elizabeth’s project pitch detailed her plan to create a series of blog posts analysing the mobile game “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”. She’ll be looking at the game through a feminist lens, and thinking about the nature of celebrity obsession.

In self reflecting on Elizabeth’s pitch, I noticed that I didn’t outline a way to convey my research on my topic prior to the final report – I am considering summarising my experiences on the Sims 4 and the research behind it in semi-regular blog posts as a result. I mentioned how engaging her writing style was and how it might appeal to her target audience. I struggled to think of actionable suggestions for this project, but I wrote that she should focus on promoting the blog posts on social media to ensure she had fostered an active feedback loop. I reinforced the subject material and assessment criteria by considering her project in relation to it’s audience. I found myself again referencing the idea of a theoretical framework and attached a source that I thought spoke to her framework as outlined in her pitch.

3. Catherine’s Pitch

Catherine will be creating TikToks looking at the possible dangers of Virtual Reality technology. This is a very interesting approach to the task and a very current issue to address.

In my comment to Catherine, I mentioned that assumedly there would be a lot of research resources available on the topic. I couldn’t come up with any actionable suggestions for this one, but in hindsight, Catherine might benefit from paring down the scope of her topic. I can take this advice on board for myself as my research background is also fairly broad. I attached a really interesting TedTalk that I saw on the topic of VR technology, which I think will be helpful in that it talks about the subject in a more colloquial and straight forward way than scholarly articles might.

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