3rd February, 2023
An Oddly Specific Update!

An Oddly Specific Update!

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Oddly Specific Playlists

Helloooo to BCM Twitter, Richard & The Void!

If you don’t know what my DA is all about, have a look at my OP1 post, however, its name clears up most of the mystery.

In the time between now and my last update, I’m going, to be honest, my investment in Oddly Specific Playlists has varied. When I don’t have the energy to make playlists, I try to keep active via my story & Twitter but alas – the DA continues with a steady level of interaction and success.

I have continued to follow a cycle of receiving feedback and reacting according to said feedback, following guidance given in lectures, as can be seen in my model below.

So exactly what changes have I made to my DA since our last catch-up?? glad you asked! Here’s a list!

  • I’ve tampered with my caption format to include more hashtags – I figured it might boost visibility and grow my user base – so far, it doesn’t seem to have a massive impact in gaining new followers – but it has attracted some fan account of artists who have liked posts, so that’s something.
Hashtags: Before
Hashtags: After
3 Fan Accounts liked this post from it’s Hashtags
  • As you’ll recall from my OP1, I was sourcing playlist cover images to use from Pinterest – I recently began tracking down the artists behind these pieces and making sure to tag their Instagram accounts in my captions where possible – although this hasn’t had any visible impact on interaction, it’s always ethical and well-meaning to give credit where credit is due.
  • I also began writing and posting a track-by-track breakdown explaining my song choices for each playlist – an idea I got from user feedback. This has been well received and although it makes posting a little less #FIST, it has proven rewarding. And besides – my workflow is becoming easier and faster as I go on creating my content.

After receiving advice to have some back-up content when requests are slow – I decided to experiment with some new formats for playlists – I’ve engaged with other DA accounts in hopes of creating a collaborative project which benefits us both in terms of exposure and new kinds of interesting content.


After doing my collab playlist for Alana’s bookstagram, I observed that her DA encourages more user interaction by asking a Question of the Day, or ‘QOTD’ in the captions of her posts. I quickly adopted this idea in hopes it would encourage my users to interact more with my posts – it has seen some success which is great because it assists me in catering to my user’s tastes as well as going toward my goal to create an online space for music lovers.

I also experimented by switching up the model and creating a playlist where I gave my users a prompt for inspiration and THEY chose songs to make a playlist – this has also been successful.


When I found my requests lacking (numerically or just in terms of my liking of them), I asked people to send in more. This batch was smaller than the first lot, but excitingly, very creative and inspiring. I’m really looking forward to making the playlists! (which is great because my motivation was lacking for a bit there).

I created a playlist last week which was inspired by two separate requests I got – combining them helped me to make a more creative and conceptual playlist – responses to this seemed positive as well.


I noticed that when i posted the Spotify link to my playlists to my stories, people weren’t clicking it. I asked whether or not this was an issue with Instagram and my users quickly cleared up the mystery. I stopped posting the links to playlists, as they weren’t producing the ease of access I had hoped they would.


I’ve continued to post on my story to gather feedback from my users & their preferences, and based on the latest, I’m thinking I need to develop a posting schedule. I’m also thinking of expanding my DA to other social network platforms – something like Twitter would create an ease of access to Spotify links that Instagram does not – and Tiktok could be home to a more active audience.


I’ve continued to work towards and see success to do with the DA’s social utilities. I’ve had feedback from users that indicates that my DA is:

providing exposure for lesser-known artists,

a thread of artists who’ve taken notice of my DA

helping people emotionally, and


creating a space for music lovers.

going forth, I am looking to experiment with platforms & aesthetic changes & hopefully build more of a user base.

Until next time,

Tyneesha 🙂

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  • Hey Tyneesha! I’m happy my feedback helped you out, learning more about your process is great! Your DA is really well developed and thriving so congrats on that! Questions of the day is a great addition, maybe you could do a song of the day on your stories to keep up engagement, expose users to other artists/music that doesn’t fit into a playlist? Or if you’re expanding to Twitter do this on your Twitter? I’ve also struggled with motivation, I’ve hit a real slump in the user engagement area which has thrown me off making content, to combat this breaking and remaking has really helped me to be re-inspired. This article particularly helped me to not be scared to break what’s working for my users – as a suggestion maybe you could make your posts into videos with clips of the song to go along with the explanation? Or not, whatever works but breaking my model (though scary) has helped me get to know my users more and may help you gain some inspiration by discovering something you like. Where you have changed your model looks to be helping already and that’s great! Keep up the good tunes!

  • It seems you’ve really refined the content you and your users want to see, which is great. The way you present your posts and general engagement on your stories looks great and has a professional air about it. It’s especially cool to see you crediting the artists whose images you feature. I’ve also experienced a bit of a creative and motivation slump, which I overcame by breaking my formula and posting completely different formats to see if they worked. It helped by allowing me to put out less time-consuming content as well as prototyping what my audience would like to see. You could also do something like that, potentially break down one of your own personal playlists or create more general playlists with a simple theme like a place or an emotion? Overall, your project seems to be really engaging with its users and you’ve been able to excellently identify both their current wants and what they would want to see in the future from your project.

  • Hey hey Tyneesha!
    I am absolutely loving your project, and have from the first playlist you made (not just because it was an @im_alana_ inspired playlist lol). I have really enjoyed seeing the new ways you have developed your content, and am so happy that I have inspired some ideas such as also including a music-based QOTD, but have also enjoyed the recent updates where you have explained why you chose specific songs.
    Also, I have absolutely LOVED collaborating with you on our ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ playlist, and constant DM discussion sessions about potential playlist ideas…I’m also happy to have inspired the “coming of age movie” movie playlist as that is now one of my faves.
    Some suggestions or directions you could take this project in are reels, where you could make comedic-based ones about your struggles to find that PERFECT song that JUST fits that oddly specific playlist, or something along the lines of including a ‘Song of the Day’ in your Instagram stories, so your followers can see the songs and vibe along with you.
    I can’t wait to see future playlists, and hope that I can inspire some more amazing ones.
    Also, anytime you want a cheeky collab, let me know 🙂

  • Tyneesha this DA is wonderful. I completely understand the statement of you investment varying, for my own DA I have found myself struggling to create content I continue to enjoy. A good idea could be to step back and breakdown your DA, I think the playlists are great but maybe there is more you can do. You mentioned expanding to other platforms to counteract the limitations of Instagram, which I think is a great idea. Remind yourself that your DA isn’t tied to a platform but is a social utility that should be in as many places as possible. It’s also great to see you giving credit the artists whose work you use, the idea of tagging those musicians/artists that your playlist contains is excellent. In terms of user engagement, I know how difficult it can be when your DA is made around user interaction, maybe its worthwhile creating separate content that you can make regardless of audience participation just so you have a consistent media timeline.
    Hope that something I said helped or gave you an idea, good luck!

  • G’day Tyneesha!

    First off, I really want to say how much I absolutely adore your DA. It has seriously been one of my favourites to follow, and even engage with. I love coming up with prompts for your playlists whenever you need them and I think you’re doing an amazing job with experimenting and prototyping. I can definitely relate when it comes to feeling a bit gutted at how little your audience will engage with your content, but I can see that you’re taking the necessary steps to ideate, prototype, experiment and maintain a constant feedback loop with your audience. As someone who has tried expanding my DA to multiple platforms, I will tell you that it does become quite draining and even difficulty at times to keep up with and learn the different in’s and out’s of each platform. For example, Twitter and Instagram have very different functions when it comes to reaching other accounts and they are also suited for different types of content. I would encourage you to keep prototyping your instagram until you feel it has reached a stage where you are comfortable expanding to other platforms, because I would definitely love to see your DA expand in it’s reach and engagement. I would definitely retweet your playlists all the time! There isn’t anything I can suggest when it comes to figure out new ways to gain more followers or user engagement, because you are already trying various techniques to do so. All I can say is keep up the good work and please, pretty please, don’t stop creating new playlists.

  • Tyneesha,

    Your playlists teleport me to different experiences in my own life, ones filled with nostalgia and endearing memories. But your playlists also have the power to make me understand situations I have never personally, been afflicted by. And believe me, the effect is awesome. The level of engagement your users have shown is something that I aspire to have, so I have taken note of your formats and thought provoking questions. Obviously, music is so personal and dear to each individuals heart, so by asking one simple question: ‘if your life was a coming-of-age movie, what would be the song playing at the turning point?’ you get a multitude of answers. For example, mine is most definitely Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘Bad decisions’. All I’m trying to say is yep up with these sort of questions because I think it generates the most unique and various audience response. But Tyneesha, I think you have done yourself so well with this project and you already know that Navigating The Line Up has drawn inspiration from your accounts feedback.

    When it comes to your proposition to move towards creating a twitter account for your Instagram, I feel as though your Instagram is enough. You don’t need to extended it anymore and I believe you should just focus on what you already have. Look to curate it and polish it off for our final DA submission. However, in saying that, everything that has to do with Oddly Specific Playlists is already shining and glorious. Keep up with the playlists please! :):)




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