2nd June, 2023
Game of Thrones – S07E02 – Stormborn

Game of Thrones – S07E02 – Stormborn

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Game of Thrones Season 7

Fun fact: According to my TV, last night’s episode was the highest rated episode ever. Ironically, but expectedly, its title is “Stormborn”, which means once, again, we can accredit Game of Throne’s success solely to the way Dany runs the whole shebang.

I’m not going to lie; I cried like a baby.

Anyway, again, character by character (yeah I realise that this list is going to drop a couple of people and I’ll be sad but meh).

My girl DAYMNarys Targarian and fam:

Home girl, although at ‘home’ technically, confirmed my suspicions of her discomfort at being at Dragon Stone. This episode is one of the 11 episodes written by Bryan Cogman. That’s the dude who wrote the episode with Jon Snow’s night in the cave, the episode of Sansa and Ramsay’s wedding night, the episode we first met the Night King, the episode in season six where we were all like “OH HEY YEAH BRAN STILL KICKIN!” (well, I mean, not ‘kicking’ as such…) and the one where we learn all about The Hound. You know, all the, ‘visually poetic’ episodes? Nah for real though, just the way that the episode was put together was really nice. (I don’t want to talk about the cringe cliché love scene with Grey Worm, but good for them, about time.)

Of course, we open to a scene where homegirl (Dany) is chilling in her map room with a storm going on outside, then Tyrion mentions her birth on a night like that. Throughout the episode, we get a lot of shade at Khaleesi’s dad, none of which she denies nor encourages. She made that mad sassy speech to Varys, calling him out for his snaky behaviour. And wise old Lady Olenna Tyrell offers some good chats, like “Yeah, I’m alive because I don’t listen to men. Why are you listening to the dwarf boy?” and Dany just does what she wants anyway, and then everyone dies. Exquisite execution m’lady.

That red headed woman, Melisandre, walked in there too, and she’s like “Okay Jon Snow is the man, and you have your part to play.”

But was it just me or did Khaleesi just look somehow extra pretty this episode???!!!

Olenna Tyrell advises Daenerys “Be a dragon” – Game of Thrones Season 7
Jon Snow and Sansa Stark:

He left her in charge. He took charge. He’s going to meet the white haired beauty, not really a lot more to it honestly.

Also, can Littlefinger just stop with the creepy smirk? Lucky Jon straightened him out. Varys and Littlefinger, the snaky, salty and shady teenage girls of the show both got put in their place, and I’m happy about it. He’ll still do something though.

Jon & Sansa say Goodbye | Game of Thrones: 7×02
Samwell Tarly:

Jorah (bless his desperate soul) is given six months. If you’ll recall, Dany told him not to come back until he fixed himself up. He spends his last free day writing her a letter that I sadly didn’t pause to read.

But Sam has other plans. Sam walks in saying, “Hey don’t scream but I’m just gonna real quick take your skin off”. Hey, at least he doesn’t have to wear his heart on his sleeve if he hasn’t got any arm left… and then there was that segue, ha ha ha ha, from pus to pie.

Arya Stark:

Ok, I honestly thought that Hotpie was dead… but big boy’s still baking. And Arya’s getting some tips for her finger tip pies.

And then, her direwolf, Nymeria.


Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 2 Clip: Arya and Nymeria

Tell me why? I’m not going to lie; I cried like a baby. I’m sorry, I don’t have video proof, but ‘Oh My God’ that hurt me deeply. I’m not even going to Google the meaning of this atrocity; I’m just going to wallow in my sadness. But seriously guys, I haven’t cried since Khal Drogo died, and it wasn’t even that dramatic. I’m just hurt. What was that???

There was a lot of throwbacks this episode, with Khaleesi talking about her idiot brother and Jaime showing love for Cersei and Littlefinger talking about his love for Mumma Stark and how she didn’t like Jon, and Hotpie and the wolves.

But she’s going back home I guess, even if Jon won’t know she’s alive. (Oi wheres bran at?)

Jaime Lannister:

Boy, what are you doing? Your hearts obviously not in it, you know your sis is going down from here. Just stop trying boo.

Jaime will be the first to die. Bet.

Cersei Lannister:

Still being Cersei.

“I’m not going to stop the wheel. I’m going to break the wheel,”

Tyneesha Williams

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