23rd March, 2023
Game of Thrones – S07E01 – Dragonstone

Game of Thrones – S07E01 – Dragonstone

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Wasssupp? I’m just going to go character by character so you guys can keep up with the drama we saw.


Hey, remember that time that Walder Frey killed all his fam? Yeah me neither, Arya crazy?

Heheheh that made no sense, but the point is that Arya killed them all and it was awesome and horrible. Little Tom boy walked out of there with a smile on her face like the Joker uncut. Unbothered, un-afreyed, if you will. The Starks have been avenged! It only took her six years. Honestly, I’m astounded she had the motivation, go girl.

We not only saw what Arya would do for her family but also saw a reminder of her compassion and disinterest with politics in her scene with the Lannister soldiers and Ed Sheeran. Oi but did you know apparently Ed Sheeran GoT on the show because Maisie loves him and he was like, “Yeah ok I can make a sheerpearance”.

I saw this in a Facebook comment today on a meme that wasn’t that great, so thanks, random internet stranger.

You know, she played Needle with a nimble hand
But she fell in love with a faceless man
Pierced him on the neck and then cut off his hand
Said, “Baby I just want to dance


Ed Sheeran’s newest hit ‘Winterfell Girl’ ???

Also, a pretty song:

Sansa and Jon:

Ed Sheeran is my favourite Lannister. However, I guess I kind of share Sansa’s ‘admiration’ for Cersei and her determination.

“If you’re her enemy, she’ll never stop until she’s destroyed you. Everyone who’s ever crossed her, she’s found a way to murder.”


Can we talk about how much of a punk Jon and Sansa were to each other? All that sibling love. He’s like “I’m the boss! You made me the boss!” And she’s like “Yeah okay but listen to me cause I’m actually the boss.” And that’s how male and female’s work, even though the old guy thought that girls can’t fight for Westeros. Raindrop, drop top, someone give that kid a mic she can drop drop.


That montage thing of him spilling the poop and pouring the soup was only bearable at the thought that someone would make a remix. So watch out for that one. “Poop and soup” – by some random cool kid ft. My suggestion.

Cersei and Jaime:

Sweetheart, kudos for trying, (Yeah I’ve never used that extremely Australian phrase in my life and never will). Seriously, she’s holding down the fort. She needs to listen to Jaime, join up with Khaleesi, as I said before, bond.

That Iron Islands dude was crazy looking and for some reason thinks that a Lannister is interested in pretty jewellery as a gift for her hand. Please, the only gift that will win Cersei is literally anyone else’s head on a golden lollipop stick. (Throwback to when Geoffrey used heads as garden gnomes).

That floor map was too cool.


Hey, guess who else got her map. In her castle. At home. Dragonstone indeed. Was it just me or did she not seem overly happy? She didn’t sit on her throne. She just walked straight into the war room like “where next?”.

And then it ended, and I’m like okay, what’s next?

“This writing is in Dothraki when you’re not looking,”

Tyneesha Williams

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