23rd March, 2023
Introducing: The Tyneesha.com Shop

Introducing: The Tyneesha.com Shop

Hello, human reading this! This is just a cheeky short post just to point out that the shop is (relatively) up and running – there’s more to be figured out and put up… but for now, some prints and products are available!

I’m going to level with you here, I really don’t want to work at woolies for another 4 years. And I REALLY want a new camera. So I figured I should listen to all the rich white men (for one time only), and try to make some money off of what I love. I have had many-a-half-developed-hobby in my time, but taking photos of whatever I find interesting or beautiful is not one that has just come and gone, nor can I picture parting ways with it. Since starting my uni degrees, I’ve found like-minded people who are as eager and willing to support my creative projects as I am theirs, which to me indicates that with the right audience, I could at least make pocket money here!

Some things might seem expensive, especially if you’ve never bought prints before, and for that, I empathise and apologise, but I assure you they’re as low as they can be and they’re really great quality. If you buy anything, message me, I’ll probably give you the discount code… if you’re nice. I can’t explain how appreciative I would be if you’d even just take a look, though.

Also, Mardi Gras (covid edition) is coming up, so in the name of should-be public holidays, there is also an LGBTQ+ range there, there are masks to keep you safe and flags to keep you festive, which are cheap as anything because my conscious doesn’t feel comfortable commercialising personal identity to the point big scary chimney-chuffing companies do. Also, you’ll avoid covid-related shipping delays this way, which is always nice.

You can also browse products on the Facebook page, and if you buy from the site before February 28th, you can get 10% off with the coupon code ‘WELCOME10’. Some products are available only on Redbubble, and unfortunately for those, I can’t offer the discount, but most of the cool stuff is on the site anyway, so go for it!

We can put just about anything up as a product, from custom-made shirts to blankets to phone cases to notebooks to… I don’t know… shower curtains. We can put just about anything (words/pictures wise) on so many different items. So if you have any ideas or requests, fill out our form, or message me on social media, let me know!

“Have fun, spend money!”

Tyneesha Williams

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