27th March, 2023


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Hi there! I’m Tyneesha.

I want to start this off by saying that ‘About me’ pages are the most awkward things to write. But, lucky for us, I have 19 years of enormous success in being awkward.

According to my research, I’m supposed to tell you what you, as a reader, are going to gain from my blog. If I’m honest, that’s not up to me.

I’m a big believer in the validity of a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ approach to life, and it shows. Hence this site will be home to an array of ideas on any number of topics. I’m sure you’ll find something that piques your interest…and if not, stick around! Follow the socials! There’s still time!

I can’t tell you now what you’ll get from this site because I have no idea if or how it’s going to impact or not impact your life. I have no idea what you’re interested in or what you’d like to learn more about. But this is my space to speak my mind to my heart’s content, so, expect big things, take what you like and leave the rest.

The list of things that I won’t write about is pretty short; if you’re looking for a blogger that writes about their undying love for maths or the validity of corn as a vegetable – you’re in the wrong place. Otherwise – you’re welcome to hang out while I rant about music, art, pop-culture, history, politics, photography, and/or an assortment of other interesting nonsense.

I’m studying for a double degree in journalism and communications & media, which basically means I asked A LOT of questions as a kid, and now as an adult, I can answer my own questions and, much to my delight, empty my brain on the internet. This blog is a corner of the big wide web where I can learn and share without the creative restraint, pressure or guidelines that ultimately come with graded uni assignments.

That said, feel free to rate my work or comment at any time – I’d love some discussion, and I’m not at all against constructive criticism – or just regular criticism honestly… but if you’re going to be mean, at least be funny. I want to be able to put your comment on a shirt.

See you around!

Tyneesha Williams



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